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My latest purchase

Article about: Far from mint but thank you

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    I found 2 more with locks but no button
    click on the top 2 1st model navy daggers and read the description about it has a lock but no button.
    German Third Reich Navy Kreigsmarine Dress Daggers

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    I'm abit confused...we did explain that there were Navy daggers without release buttons in posts 23 and 27, and that Some of them were converted to KM use, but Not in this configuration of pummel cap,grip and crossguard. The sheath on the OP piece is that of a KM also, rather than the Model 21-note the bands on it. The strangely ground blade is also unexplainable. The end conclusion is, that this is a parts dagger that was hoping to pass as a Model 29, but doesn't match up enough to be able to do so.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    thanks for the response William, and please pardon my old eyes when the cross guards look like the ones in the links to me. yes I understood about the no button lock shown in post 27. and it is a very different style of lock than that of the later navy daggers with a release button. I had hoped I was clear when I was questioning only the lock aspect of this dagger in reference to the others in the links I posted. all show the later style button lock, but no button to make it function . so please understand my comment was not about the dagger posted it self really, only about the existence of this kind of locking type. being as it is different from the type shown in #27. when I look at the locks with buttons, the top side of the lock is flat and the bottom tapered, ( for easy entry). i'm wondering if that same style lock was used with both sides tapered like in #27 but on the long style lock, as in the links. it would still hold in the scabbard. and I was curious if any one had an example of one like that in TR configuration . i'm not questioning your judgment at all on the blade, grip etc. I just know the Germans recycled many things, and am wondering if that lock style shows up on any others. sorry if it seemed I was questioning your opinion.

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