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Naval Dagger for Review & Comment

Article about: I caught this on a site. It is an Imperial dagger, but (to a dagger novice like me) appears to be TR production. Is that correct, or is it a parts dagger?:

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    Hi Stonemint,
    The dagger you show is a reproduction. Some very good points are already mentioned by other forum members. I agree on the scabbard and trademark. The scabbard has the pressed out scabbard bands which are typical for post war pieces and the trademark that is used here was never used on any original navy dagger. It's also interesting that they used a TR scabbard on an imperial navy dagger. The pommel also has a few characteristics that are typical for post war pieces.

    One of the beatiful things about almost all imperial pieces is the grip. Celluloid was only used very late in this period so almost every imperial piece and certainly the type you show has a beautiful ivory grip. This grip certainly isn't ivory. Also the gripwire is very different from the type of gripwire used on original pieces.

    The crossguard lacks the detail that we are used to see on originals. The etching of repro daggers is getting better and better because of the lasertechnology of today. What I don't understand is that the people who make these daggers always choose very rare patterns on ordanary daggers. This one I have never seen before. I am also missing the imperial crown in the etch.


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    This dagger & many like it are being sold on Eban every day to unsuspecting collectors as originals. They are modern production pieces geared to look original, some are sold with artificial aging as well. The primary seller on Eban has at least 5 separate accounts from which he sells these daggers as well as modern production hangers & knots. A lot of people have been stung by these & many probably don't know as of yet that they have.

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