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Kreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois Rettenmeyer

Article about: Just got another nicely and rarely seen maker marked KVM. Any thoughts on it ? All ok ?

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    Default Kreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois Rettenmeyer

    Just got another nicely and rarely seen maker marked KVM.

    Any thoughts on it ?
    All ok ?

    Kreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois RettenmeyerKreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois RettenmeyerKreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois Rettenmeyer

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    I'm somewhat skeptic to these marked KVM.

    Main reason they tend to turn up on KVM which, so far, I have not seen any envelopes for. But that does not say that they are not real, just a little suspicious . For example 5, 60, 77, L/12 (your previous KVM post and now 16.

    Regarding this Rettenmeyer KVM the maker mark does not seem to match the marks that can be found on KVK2 or EK2.

    Here is my KVK2 maker mark as a reference.

    Kreigsverdienstmedaille // Alois Rettenmeyer


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    Hi Jonas

    Thank you for your opinion!

    Hehe yes I agree, I am skeptic about most things including the marked KVM´s.
    I have not seem a envelope for the Rettenmeyer KVM either, that is true

    But on the other hand, why fake a MM on a award that almost no one is collecting and is the most "worthless" of them all, and then just the ones who dont have envelopes. It was even the same price as an unmarked one. So there is no real money to be made, IMO.

    If I was to cheat with KVM´s I would reproduce the envelopes and protective paper and pass them on as untouched sets *pat on nose

    Yes its true also that the MM are not the same, I compared it to a KVK maker mark like you did. But then again they vary, I admit I dont know much about German award in general except a little about the Ostmedaille, and there the maker marks vary also, for example the OM13, OM71 and more who have different types of maker marks.

    None of this proves though that the one I have or the MM on KVM in general are "real".
    It will prob just be like other things in this hobby a matter of believe, but I am still not sure what to believe hehe.

    I will continue to pick them up when I see them, the damage is very little, mostly just disapointment if they turn out to be a forgery

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    I have not had the chance to buy a mm KVM, so I do not know if they tend to have a higher price than a non mm one. That is the only reason I can see to add a fake mm on an €20 non mm KVM and then sell it for €40 as a "rare" mm one.

    But I would like to get my hands on a mm KVM to examine it better.


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    Yes that is true also.
    I dont know really either, I have only seen 2 up for graps and bought them.

    The marked one (L/12) on the einzelspane was not sold to me as a marked one, I just noticed the mark when I got in my hands.
    This one (in the thread) I bought for 15 or 17euro + shipping from a Germany.

    So at least these two examples ware not "smeard" on. But that does not mean its not done elsewere ofc

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