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Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

Article about: Hi all, What do you thing about this cased “Deschler” Kriegsverdienst Kreuz? It looks original to me. Thanks Jonas

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    Default Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Hi all,

    What do you thing about this cased “Deschler” Kriegsverdienst Kreuz?

    It looks original to me.


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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Looks OK to me, the minty cased Deschlers aren't too hard to find after the hoard find awhile back.

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    Something doesn't look right to me. The reverse hardware is a little different than I'm used to seeing on these and the reverse profile doesn't look very sharp, the sword handles look unusual.
    I would like to see better pics as always before I'm convinced - unless of course there are some variations on Deschler KVK1s.......?

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    I think that Adrian sayd right, this back set-up is not correct for known Deschler crosses and in the true I think not correct for no one else..

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Well after searching the various forums for a cross to match this one - I can't. As well as the reverse being wrong and as Fabri says, wrong for every other maker too, the details on the obverse are wrong when compared to known original Deschlers. The stippling on the arms isn't as dense as it should be and the sword details are wrong too. It's a fake for me.

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    On closer inspection I agree with Adrian, the stippling on the cross is very coarse, reminiscent of the stippling on some of the fake EK1 & 2 spangen.

    I'll check my Deschler KVK1 tonight but I bet it's different.

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Here is mine to compare
    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    As it happens my memory has failed me and my KVK1 mit schwerten is in fact a '43' (Julius Bauer & Sohn), however this episode has caused me to refer to my copy of Williamson's 'The War Merit Cross' and I can confirm that the above example is no original Deschler, most obviously apparant due to the incorrect hinge setup.

    While I had my 43 out I snapped a couple of shots for comparison.

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"


    I have looked at another Deschler KVK which has same reverse hardware setup as János. So it looks then to be a fake.

    Thanks all for the great feedback . It it a jungle out there.


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    Default Re: Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Don't let it put you off collecting but you're right, you can't be too careful. I've just dug out my KVK1 without swords that I know is a Deschler and true enough, the hardware is as per the book and unlike your unfortunate example.

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

    Kriegsverdienst Kreuz "1"

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