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Kvk "80"

Article about: Hi gents, Whatīs your opinion on this piece? Normally I have no doubts about this sort of medals but on this is not common mark 80 (strange font). I rather think itīs good one..On GCA forum

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    Well I am unable to tell you for sure, but I would also have questioned the "80" stamped on ring. To date I have never seen any marking like this. As to whether it was done on a fake or real cross...the jury is still out. Everything else about the cross looks good. Regards Thomas.

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    Hi Pepe77. It does not look good for this item so far. Have asked around and the consensus is that it is bad. The small detail pointed out in the photos are apparently something not found on genuine items.(The double line in corner). The "80" is also a problem in that it would normally be seen as a single punch mark and not two separate ones. Hope we are proven wrong, but that is the way it is leaning now. Sorry. Regards Thomas
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    wow i did look at that but never really took much notice until you pointed it out i also at that point had a quick look at mine & it dosent have that on it so i was relieved

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    Believe me Nick, I did a quick check of mine too before posting my reply. Regards Thomas

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    Thanks Stug for your study..

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    but does that really confirm fake or just something that occurred whilst being made ??????

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    Pleasure Pepe, That's why we are all here - to help each other if possible.
    Nick, the consensus is that taking into account the quality checks placed on all German decorations during and after the manufacture process, it is very doubtful that this "mistake" would have passed the stringent quality requirements.
    Hope this all helps. I am not saying that this item is bad beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am saying that after discussing it amongst my friends, who are all collectors; we - collectively- have decided that it is not up to scratch. Unless someone can prove that the "80" stamp is genuine and recorded I am going to stay with my previous assessment of this cross and would therefore shy away from it if it were offered to me.
    Regards Thomas

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    well atleast these are things we can now look out for when buying these.

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