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KvK1 for Review

Article about: Hello there, Here's another that is similar. The reverse hardware suggests either 43 or 62 in tombak. William Kramer

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    Default KvK1 for Review

    I just picked up this late war example from a forum member and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Can anyone help me nail down the maker?

    KvK1 for ReviewKvK1 for Review

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    Hi Joe, is that a number "1" on the back of the pin?

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    Looks like a number one to me. Nice looking KVK 1 with swords! Still has some frosting as well. Mines a #52. I would say its good, IMO. As for the maker, I don't have reference material at hand but ill try and help. Isn't #1 Deschler & Sohn?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture KvK1 for Review  

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    Hi Joe,
    This one is puzzling me at the moment. It's an original piece so no worries there but the maker is escaping me so far. It's not a Deschler, they used a completely different pin and reverse set up.
    The only other makers that used a broad flat pin such as above were Deumer and Bauer. However, the grips on the sword handles are from these two makers are different. Deumer sword handles have the ridges on the grips quite pronounced and Bauer sword handles were tapered . The handles on your cross are swollen in the middle similar to those you would find on a Meybauer for example but this isn't a Meybauer as the reverse set up is completely different.

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    Good morning, gentlemen!

    I have not yet received this piece... I'll be sure to take additional photos when it arrives.

    It does appear to have a lightly struck "1" on the pin.

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    From my research its either a 62 Kerbach & Oesterhelt or 43 Julius Bauer

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    It is definitely not a Julius Bauer. Compare the sword handles as per my previous post.

    Interesting you say it might be a '62' Nick. It has the swollen sword handles like this maker's crosses but I have only seen one other piece said to be a '62'with the broad pin such as above and that was only a few minutes ago after searching several forums. That piece was unmarked and I think only one person called it as such.

    I must say it looks like a very good match though despite the anomaly with the pins.

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    LOL! I don't know if I should be honored or frustrated that my pieces always seem to garner so much discussion.

    Thank you so much for your insight, gentlemen! I do hope to figure out who the maker is... but if all else fails, as long as this KvK1 is authentic, I'm content.

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    One day you will buy something straightforward Joe.

    Hopefully before I lose all my hair..........

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    Default Re: KvK1 for Review

    Unfortunately, I can't take better photos than those I already posted from the seller.

    Here is the KvK1 in it's new home. It's getting kind of tight in there...
    KvK1 for Review

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