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Request for Lithuanian Medal

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    Question Request for Lithuanian Medal


    Ive a request for the award-collectors. Can somebody provide me some more info and pictures about the following Lithuanian Medal. Its a pre war medal from the thirties with the name:

    L'Ordre de Vytautas le Grand V. Klasse

    Thank you very much in advance,

    with best Regards,

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    nvm sorry

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    Between wars, in Lithuania was a French unit. I think, it could be from there.

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    Vytautas the grand oficiers class:

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    Medal of Vytautas Magnus is still in "use" in Lithuania. Here are some photos and info 9only in Lithuanian:
    Vytauto Did?iojo ordinas

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    There were 5 classes of
    Recepients during interwar period:
    I - 20.
    II - 71.
    III - 212.
    IV - 228.
    V - 400.
    Vytauto Did?iojo ordino Didysis kry?ius ? Vikipedija

    Made by „Morch and Sons“ in Denmark.

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