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Bunker Bash

Article about: Hi Guys, this weekend sees the popular Bunker Bash show down in Essex, UK. Bunker Bash 2012 - Living History and Military Vehicle Show Here are some pics from the event last year from our gr

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    Hi Ade,
    How's things mate,well I hope.
    Yes It certainly looks like a good time for all involved.I do like the last two images you posted,very period looking.
    I think it is a Swingfire wire guided AT Missle.
    First deployed in 1969 with the British Army.It's still part of the Striker system I believe(if that has not been retired due to UK Defence cuts,scary the continued downgrading of the British Military,They are turning RN into a brown water navy and now a territorial part time army as a front line defence.The lessons of the past are not being learned Ade,shame )

    Bunker Bash
    Developmental Swingfire from the late 60's
    Have a ball at your next reenactment meet mate.
    All the best Ade,

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    Hi Dave, thanks for the info.

    Yes, they are killing our forces

    We have a big multi period show next weekend to look forwards to.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Something to look forward to all week Ade.
    Enjoy the week-end mate.
    All the best

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