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Don't mention the war!

Article about: Whilst I have no interest in dressing up as a nazi the banning of an event such as this seems over the top and is the thin end of the wedge. Don't mention the war! WW2 re-enactment banned by

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    I dunno...a miniature light up crab sounds kinda slick...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    They are really good with a little cocktail sauce William...Add a little lemon for zest...

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    Near where i live, in may for the last couple of years they've been doing WW11 reenactments at Mapledurham (Where they filmed The Eagle has Landed) Intrestingly the Germans win on the saturday (Some elements of Waffen SS and even the odd HJ member) & on the sunday the Allies win (yanks, Brits ,Poles even the odd French resistance) very enlightening. Im going this year before some faceless bureacrat puts the mockers on it (how can you have a battle without the "Baddies" turning up !!! regards Paul

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