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EU gun law proposals and the end of re-enactment in Europe

Article about: Hi Guys, this is serious. The anti gun lobby in the EU are seeking to piggyback the terrorist attack in Paris to further their anti gun political agenda. MAKE NO MISTAKE, this will kill our

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    Of course I understand and support the anger felt on this issue. I have been carefully following the twists and turns in this legislative procedure, including reading all the documents that have appeared and listening to the EU parliamentary debates. Whilst a decision is not due until June, the good news is that the proposal is receiving near universal criticism from MEP's and is very unlikely to pass in its present form.

    Of course, we cannot know what will happen and there is no room for complacency, but there are some grounds for optimism here.

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    For me, if they had to be welded solid, would mean I would, not collect them and I would urge all fellow collectors to boycott them as future purchases (too much money, when you can buy other militaria in a dignified state) and if the Law is backdated, which would mean inhuman conversions, to ask for generous compensation for them.

    As for me the heartbreak and mini heart attack, each time, of seeing them in this condition, as all the complete loss of their dignity and mine, as well to those, who they represent, would be more than the pleasure (they are already unfortunately neutered, this is bad enough, any more would make them completely dead (that is why anything past the current UK Deactivations, would be too far) and unfortunately, then of no more interest to me).

    This will cause a massive surplus, which many collectors wiil not buy, which will mostly eventually be melted down, that is why unfortunately, the financial cost in compensation to collectors and bankupt militaria shops , will be most likely, the deciding factor in this immoral campaign.

    That is why. although it would be one of the ultimate heartbreaks, I would rather not own them, in this completely ruined state, as the reasonable amount of movement (does not Europe defend, as a key principle, "Freedom of Movement"), is what makes them interesting enough for me, to collect.

    But, it is excellent news to hear their are "some grounds for optimism".

    This main Petition (started by Stijn van Damn, to Firearms United) has 309,010 supporters, only 190,990 needed to reach 500,000, so let us pray, that our opinions matter to the EU and are respected -


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    Justin, I have done my bit to support all the protests. I have signed petitions and written letters, and there is nothing more that I can do. You are entitled to your opinions on not wishing to own welded lumps of metal, but even in this state it is better than having historical weapons melted down - which is exactly what would happen if no-one purchased them. You should look at what happens to 'de-watted' guns in the US and you see how lucky we really are. At least we don't have receivers chopped to bits with a blow torch... Not yet anyway!

    I would rather have a Vickers gun or a Maxim in a completely inoperable state than not have one at all. There are only so many times you can cock a gun before it begins to get rather boring. Most deactivated weapons end up stood in a corner of a room with the rest of our militaria and hardly get touched again. But like I say, you are entitled to your opinion.
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    These threats by governing bodies is why all open discussion on firearms even the political aspects should be allowed and encouraged on ALL hobby forums. When you finally get hit with an imposing threat to your sub segment hobby involving fire arms you find lack of discussion has probably helped to bring you were you are today. Just my opinion.

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