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Getting into re-enacting...

Article about: Had an interesting weekend...

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    Here are my chemical warfare/ gas protection items. Everything is authentic except for the assault bag. The mask used is a post war M9A1 that I need to paint black. Unfortunately, authentic assault gas mask bags and M5 gas masks are heavily associated with DDay and are quite expensive. The M9A1 is not an exact match, but once painted black it'll be better than nothing...
    Getting into re-enacting...

    Here is an identification booklet that I'm putting together for my stateside unit. I'm just waiting on a typewriter to fill it out and for my unit commander to sign it.
    Getting into re-enacting...

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    Speaking of DDay, I also acquired an authentic pneumatic life belt. This is another item that is heavily associated with the invasion of Europe and as such can sell for crazy money. The one I acquired is in mint condition (still inflates!) and sold for much less than I expected. The catch...? It's dated post DDay. Inversely, one dated predated and in much worse condition sold for double what mine went for...

    Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...

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    Finally, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in this thread, but I joined a unit based out of the FDR Birthplace and Presidential Mansion National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY.

    We represent the 240th Military Police Battalion, a unit that was assigned the task of protecting FDR, his family and property.

    Here are photos from some of our past events:
    Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...

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    Forgot to share this photo! We had a Halloween event at the university I work for... Couldn't resist dressing up! Plus, I found my twin lol

    Getting into re-enacting...

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    thanks for the updates joe your kit is superb

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    On the last weekend of this month I'll be attending a reenactment of The Battle of the Bulge at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. The size and scope of this event inspired me to put together a late war USGI impression.

    The first step was acquiring a pair reproduction M43 double buckle boots and dubbing (waterproofing) and polishing them.... I used the power of the sun.
    Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...Getting into re-enacting...

    Here is a photo comparing my boots to originals.
    Getting into re-enacting...

    Here is a photo of my impression for the FIG Bulge event. I'm wearing an M43 jacket, 5 button sweater, original Red Cross scarf, leather palm gloves. For a bit of snow camouflage, I cut an old muslin table cloth to fit over my M1.
    Getting into re-enacting...

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    Looking good Joe!
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    Thank you, Ade!

    I'm doing my best to be as authentic as possible. I have even adopted a new diet and have lost 20lbs since late November.

    I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism!!

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    Looks good Joe. Congrats on the 20lbs drop. Keep it up!!!!!
    Just a thought on your set up. Maybe throw a couple of M1 Garand enbloc bandoliers over the other shoulder. Also do you plan on wearing a bayonet?

    Semper Fi

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    Did he mistake the heat gun for the telephone....???
    Attached Images Attached Images Getting into re-enacting... 
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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