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Getting into re-enacting...

Article about: Had an interesting weekend...

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    Well done Joe!
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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Well done Joe!
    Thank you! That compliment means a lot coming from you!

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    Looking good Joe - what did you do, some type
    of 'bootcamp' thing........?


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    Thanks, Steve! Are you asking about my weight loss? My wedding this coming October has been a huge motivator. I'm going to the gym and or running at least 4 days a week. I've also cut out sweets, grains (including bread and pasta), corn (including tortilla), rice, potatoes, dairy and especially alcohol out of my diet. I've lost 50lbs since December 1st.

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    Great story bro, enjoyed reading it and watch your hobby evolve, well done with the weight loss too,,, do you ever use any face paint,, you know some of the guys did not wash for days, so a stubble , sweat, etc should enhance the look quite well.

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    Thanks for taking an interest, Steve!

    Some people do use face paint! It's common (especially with airborne guys) to burn cork and use the ash to blacken their faces. If I'm ever at a tactical (aka reenacting an actual battle, I do my best to dirty up my hands, get dirt under my nails and dirty up my face as much as possible. I also have one wool uniform that I never wash which helps me obtain a more front line look.

    You'll see in this photo I have a bit of stubble. It's a little hard to see, but I'm wearing my unwashed wools for more of a battle-worn look. These wools will look better with each event I attend.
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    Finally got my late war dress uniform squared away!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Huge news!

    I was able to find an authentic wool overcoat in a rare size 46R! It fits!! While GIs hated this garment, I can't think of a more ubiquitous Battle of the Bulge coat to use. I am so excited to finally have one of these and to use it at events this coming winter!
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    Finished this small project last night. Converted my post war US M9 gas mask into something that better resembles the wartime M5 gas mask. I plan to use this mask to stuff the rubberized assault bag for my DDay beach landing impression.
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    The local paper came out to see us today at the FDR Birthplace and Presidential Library
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