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Getting into re-enacting...

Article about: Had an interesting weekend...

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    Default Getting into re-enacting...

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

    I've recently started putting together the bare basics of US WWII enlisted man's re-enacting impression. I just wanted to share my experience...

    As of right now, I have service shoes, leggings, an enlisted man's wool shirt, wool trousers, HBT trousers, dog tags, and a helmet.

    I still need to purchase an M41 field jacket and all of the field gear. As some of you know, I have a collection of WWII firearms... I'm not too sure what weapon to use (M1903A3, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine) along with the corresponding gear and ammo pouches to outfit myself in(Garand belt vs pistol belt with M1 carbine pouches, etc.).

    I'm a big fellow... 6'5", 300lbs. This has been the root of my biggest problems in putting together my impression. I've encountered re-enactors who believe someone my size has no right to participate in this hobby (I've been told to put together a Sergeant Schultz impression instead).

    I've also found it difficult to find gear in my size. My suit jacket is a size 52... It fits, but it's not something I'd ever feel comfortable running/ jumping/ crawling in. Most re-enactor supply companies have 52 as their largest size M41/ M43 jacket size. Do I take a chance on a size 52 or should I hold out and hope someone stocks a size 54 in the near future?

    Unfortunately for me, smaller fellows can easily find new, old stock uniform and pieces of kit on sale for pennies on the dollar compared to the "plus size" reproduction gear I need.

    Has anyone else experienced what I'm going through now? I'd appreciate any words of advice!


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    This topic doesn't seem to have gathered much of a following, but I thought I'd share my progress.

    Here is my impression as of last week. Not bad so far, but the items I plan to add will make it better.
    Getting into re-enacting...

    Pictured are a front seam, fixed bale helmet with Westinghouse liner that I pieced together, wool service shirt, wool trousers, leggings & service shoes (out of view) combat suspenders and cartridge belt.

    I'm a big guy... I've been working out and trying to eat better. People will say I'm already a "farb" based on my size... Oh well... I also realize I need to shave, but the missus wanted a beard for Valentines Day... lol

    These items are currently in the mail:
    Canteen/ pouch
    First aid tin/ pouch
    M41 field jacket
    GI "wife beater" undershirt
    EM trouser belt

    I'll update this thread once all the items are put together.

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    Good luck , i have a couple of pieces of US gear but I don't think they are all that large in size but I will check . I do have a large size Korean war era pants and parka if your interested in that conflict .
    Cheers Chris

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    Very nice set up so far Joe! As for the people that think bigger people shouldn't take partů well then can shove it where the sun don't shine. Its all about the fun and love for history!

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    Thanks for the kind words, gents!

    I'll be sure to post updated photos as new items arrive. It has been a lot of fun to piece this impression together.

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    A guy your size needs a BAR!

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    Quote by Nathan362 View Post
    A guy your size needs a BAR!
    I'd gladly lug one of those beautys around! Give me a mortar baseplate or mg tripod!!

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    I was going to suggest what Nathan said above - apparently it was
    common for larger guys in infantry units to carry a BAR, but you'll
    be just as comfortable with a trusty Garand..........!


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    I agree with Steve go with the M1. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Looking good Joe

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