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Helmet covers

Article about: It looks like he has one of the pocket on top of his helmet I agree on the pic Mark

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    It looks like he has one of the pocket on top of his helmet

    I agree on the pic Mark

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    That's a cool pic!

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    great stuff man, I was wondering how to fix it on myself, I'm not sure the best way. How do you think that officer had it attached on the pic I sent a while ago? I was thinking with the help of wire somehow..... We shall see.]

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    This guy is a real Sovietophile, with his smg and helmet cover. Probably wearing red underpants too.
    Well known Stalingrad photo , there is a whole series of them !!

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    Quote by Datrus View Post
    Hello Gents,

    I have come across some original WW2 Soviet "Amoeba" pattern camouflage fabric. Not a lot. I found this fabric because a forum want to make a helmet cover from this fabric for a German helmet. Officers in Stalingrad and maybe other places had helmet covers made from Soviet Amoeba camo fabric.

    My question is this. I can have a limited number of helmet covers made out of this fabric modeled from a German helmet cover. Would anybody be interested in such covers? The price will be 25 Euro + shipping.

    The Amoeba pattern was the Soviets first camo pattern, first issued in 1937-38 and looks like this.

    Attachment 390072

    Regards, Lars
    Count me in mate
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    Cool. We are working on it


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    Anybody having some more of these helmet cover pics

    Regards, Lars

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    Another, same guy. Not much help for reference I'll keep looking.

    Helmet covers

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    Good pictures Andy, geez he has the cover very tight over the helmet thought doesn't he. Top half can be done with the band but would love to see inside.

    Lars I am interested to mate

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    That was exactly what i thought He almost "painted" it on. It sure has a snug fit! Thanks a lot.

    We ( me and wife ) have been discussing this a bit. We will most likely make them like the original German helmet covers. A 3 piece cover. The thinking behind it goes like this: The soldiers would have been familiar, with this way of making covers. Making a flat surface cover a round is not all that easy, so we think they would go for a method that they would have seen before. Anyway, the officer on the pic seems to have made it somehow like this. He made hooks from a outer helmet band , a little similar to the factory made ones. I think i will make those hooks from original WW2 k98 casing material. Maybe something else. We could also make 4 triangles of course. Time will tell. If you guys have a specific helmet you want to cover please post the size This will be a fun project.

    Regards, Lars

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    Still a nice pic Andy

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    Lars here are the measurements you needed on a Q68 M35. Circumference 70cm, front to back 47cm, side to side 45cm

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