Are you looking for a chance to do Luftwaffe Airfield re-enactment.
Consider then membership of the Luftwaffe Airfield Re-enactment Group, a very unique and enjoyable chance to participate in portraying life at a WW2 Luftwaffe dispersal with pilots and groundcrew and their equipment. We are non-political and do not subscribe to the views of the Third Reich Leadership of the time.
There is a £5 joining fee.
Go to Luftwaffe Airfield Re-enactment Group for further details of what we can offer and full terms. We will look after newcomers and assist with clothing. Nothing to be afraid of, not even German speaking is expected though if you can then it would be a bonus and make your experience and that of the public even more effective. We are a friendly group. We are accurate with our kit and do expect an appearance generally befitting the Luftwaffe of that period. Minimum age 18. If you are of an age older than the original Luftwaffe personnel but still able to look the part thatís ok by us. Send us a photo. We can advise on how they would act, stand and salute etc. Its easy. We can kit out beginners for the first visit and we know of the best sources for affordable kit thereafter. We are often able to re-enact with Luftwaffe aircraft and vehicles, run scenarios, briefings, etc. You can be groundcrew or aircrew. There is a rank structure and our uniforms tie in with such. We are the best equipped Luftwaffe airfield group in the UK, here is your chance to join us.