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Article about: Later I will post some pics of this event just for Ade

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    Default Muckleburgh

    Later I will post some pics of this event just for Ade

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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Hi Ben, can you believe that was four years ago now?

    I look forwards to seeing them.

    I have got some good pics of our trench line, but I will need to resize them all, so you go first.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Hi Ben, come on get those pics posted

    I have resized some of mine.

    This was an event in 2004 where Ben and I first met up. It was at the Muckleburgh Collection, which is a miiltary vehicle museum sited on an old WW2 Camp in the east of England by the sea.

    The Muckleburgh Collection - UK's largest privately owned working Military Museum

    Four members of 2nd Guards, myself included, arrived early on the Thursday in order to dig a trench line for our display which would also be used in the battle re-enactment on the Saturday and Sunday.

    Friday night we all went to the local Pub, in uniform, where we and Ben's Waffen SS group took over the bar.

    We worked really hard! Throughout the next day we carried on working too, making improvements.
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    The finished results we were quite proud of
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    The trench is now manned
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Note the front drive wheel on the T34

    The whole drive casting broke while we did a turn! This was on the Friday, so the tank was not used in the battle. In fact, it did not move for many months after that.

    On the Saturday night the Museum provided free drinks and a BBQ to say thank you to all the re-enactors.
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Last few pics.

    Sadly the trench had to be filled in afterwards
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    I forgot these pics. We let the girls play with the machine guns after the battle.
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Come on Ben, I am dying to see these pics you have

    I have found one of Lez's sitting watching the battle from our camp.

    I also found this one of me. Credit for the pic to Mick Rockitt. It is my favourite photo of myself taken at an event. I think it captures the "look". I was tried and dirty and we had just attacked the German positions.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Muckleburgh

    Ade, I am trying to find where I put them!!! I thought they were on my laptop but they are not, I will post some as soon as I find them

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