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Operation Market Garden 2014 run an Impression

Article about: Today we celebrate the 70th birthday of Operation Market Garden. From the Belgium border up to Veghel they drive the same route as the troops did 70 years ago. Over 500 vehicles and 1500 men

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    Those are so cool. Living in the US, we don't see this sort of thing often, and rarely in this scale. It must be something to walk the streets where so much history took place.

    Are those privately owned vehicles?

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    Great pics them Ger!! love the Para bikes especially and what about the Piat???? very nice find what else did he find with the detector?
    cheers Ronnie

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    great pics and very nice find.

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    #Are those privately owned vehicles?

    Yes indeed, most vehicles are private owned, but some are owned by non profit organisations.


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    Hi Ger, many thanks for these pics.

    Wish I could have been there.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Me too!

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    Great pics - Thanks for posting.........!


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    Its been my pleasure Gents! thx for the nice words!!


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    Hi Ger,

    Brilliant pictures! That man wearing the para beret with badge over right eye should be put on a charge!
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    Nice to see these parades..out of respect for the fallen. Great photos Ger
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