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Opinions on this event

Article about: I woke up this morning to read this in my local newspaper. This happened in Yorkshire so im guessing some of you may of seen it aswell Basically people kept reporting it and media coverage o

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    Quote by RSW View Post
    . I never thought I would see the day that anybody would reenact Vietnam, but they do and I think that has been going on for decades now (here in the States).

    The reenactments I visited (when I was interested in that sort of thing) were held on US military bases and state parks, functioning full-auto weapons (blanks only of course) and pyrotechnics were allowed, etc. I even heard that some TR reenactors served as an aggressor force for (modern) army reserve/national guard units, that would have been fun!
    Hell I've been doing Viet Nam re-enacting for at least 20 years. Since I spent some time over there and came home with a Purple Heart it was a bit spooky the first few time I went out.
    We have been using a US Army base for WW 2 re-enacting for close to 20 years(we also use National Forest areas).
    There have been several of us who have worked with the National Guard and Reserve Army guys as aggressors on their field exercises. We give them tactics and different weapons sounds to keep them on the ball!

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    Default you get any negative feedback / Press from what you do?...although I guess for a like-for-like comparison you’d all have to be NVA / VC.....

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