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reenacment shops wanted

Article about: Hi all, this is my first thread on this forum. I´m looking for a reenacment shops to finish my M44 jacket. i have some shops at my database but i need more because i can´t find a nice triang

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    Be VERY careful if you deal with the shop in the first link listed above. Friends of mine have had very bad experiences with him.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Quote by hudsonswhistle View Post
    I don´t know what do you know about Replicaters, but I have bad experiences!!! I have made order for over 500GBP, but I have recieved goods only for 200GBP. What I have recieved it was impracticable!!!
    Waht you can read on on pages: "... after a long examination we make high quality replicas, ...."

    I have recieved:
    ww2 black british baret = current Indian baret, cuted lable
    ww2 british V neck jumper = current indian jumper, cuted lable = demaged jumper
    quality repro british BD = bad canvas, cut, sewing

    When I have made claim and sended many emails, nobady answer me!!!!


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    Being new to importing how does the customs work when you order on line?? Do you have to set up the customs or is it automatic. I would like to order jack boots to ship here in the states but can't get a clear answer on customs.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Obviously, customs duties etc vary around the world. But the basic deal is:

    Order your goods with the seller.

    Ensure that you are totally happy with the shipping method. Don't try and save a buck here. Make sure you pay for the kind of service you want. If you want it tracked and signed for on delivery, pay for it. Make sure the seller understands exactly what you want.

    Next and very important: Insurance. Can you afford to loose the item and your money? Parcels do go adrift. If not, get it insured!

    Now to the customs part: once an item arrives in your country the customs office will check on the declared value on the customs label which the seller will have filled in. They will work out the import duty etc and bill you. (I am in the UK: here the Post Office will bring you the parcel and you pay them, plus a fee for the service) Most countries will have no charge on items under a certain low value, so no duties will need to be paid. Most countries customs agencies will have websites. They will tell you about costs you can expect to have to pay.

    Problems: these occur for the simple reason no one, in any country, likes paying taxes! So what happens is, buyers get the seller to lie about declared values on the customs label. Some people will do this, others won't. This is "OK" if you get away with it. BUT remember, you cannot insure an item for say $1000, but then put a declared value on the parcel of say $20: if this goes missing you will only get the declared value back.

    Hope this helps?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    It helps in a big way. Now I see how the process works. I like a lot of the items over seas and the prices seem more in line with the item. I realize there is a conversion in $$ but I can't see buying something 2X as much in the states when I can get good quality over there.

    Thanks again Ade


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    This is going to be a brief few lines from myself as I too have been re-enacting for many many years and the only way you are going to get some top quality insignia is like me, to spend hours and hours fishing around the world asking more and more questions. Eventually you will find exactly what you are looking and has paid off.

    But it won’t be cheap ….. Let’s take arm eagle for an example.
    I have watched the demise of these items over the years only to end up as what looks like a parrot, which really doesn’t look good sitting on your arm.
    I consider the best arm eagle in the world are from a guy in Germany but they will cost you approx €25 / €30 a piece.
    Some of my officers arm eagles have cost me a small fortune, but you only get what you pay for.
    Re-enactment for me is you are only as good as you look …… that’s even down to the length of your hair too, otherwise there’s not point. You don’t want to ruin your appearance with cheap insignia

    Gosh I think I must end it there, this was only going to be a few lines. I am sorry if I have sent you all to sleep.
    If you need any help with some top quality insignia you only have to ask, you never know.

    Thank you for you’re time gentlemen


    Stogruppe III Living History Society

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    Found it .....

    This is the arm eagle offered for sale from a German dealer €25 - €30. I consider this the best available but if anything just a little on the expensive side.
    But never the less best I have ever seen. What do you think ?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture reenacment shops wanted   reenacment shops wanted  

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