Guten Tag,
Not sure where this should go, If it needs to be moved that is fine, but I just wanted you all to know about a new person making some very fine reproductions.
I just recieved my order from this guy:
Kriegsende Home
I picked up a couple of his Rifle Grenades and they look GREAT! Better than his web-site describes. Now I am no expert on this stuff, but it has all kinds of detail! All the parts have makers marks, the nose cone is stamped, etc...
I also picked up one of his Egg Grenades, (also for display), as the one I have is just plastic from some old "Testos" modeling kit. Its really nice also, good weight to it and,as you can see from his web-site, when you screw off the cap you can see the string pull and det wire. You can even take the two halfs of the egg apart if you wish to add some weight to make it feel more correct.
Best part of all was I placed my order on a Tuesday and recieved the items Monday!
Great guy to deal with, answers his e-mails back right away!
Not sure about International orders, (he is in Ohio, USA), but he ships everything taken apart.
Thanks, Paul.