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Return of the Universal Carrier

Article about: Today gents, I have something very special to share with all of you. The return of the Universal Carrier to the Maltese Islands, here is the first one re-introduced into it's natural habitat

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    Default Return of the Universal Carrier

    Today gents, I have something very special to share with all of you.

    The return of the Universal Carrier to the Maltese Islands, here is the first one re-introduced into it's natural habitat. It's coat has already started to blend in with the environment as they did those many years ago. A quick field paint job, deemed passable for the time, but not quite to regulation, will be re-done properly for the next show.

    Known by the locals as "Kanun bla kanun", that is a "Cannon without a cannon" (the Maltese having used the word cannon to refer to tanks), a number of the older inhabitants of Nadur, Gozo came to tell us that they still remember the Hampshire Regt and Lancashire Fusiliers (who apparently operated at least some of these in Gozo itself). Our group was portraying a King's Own Malta Regiment crew, which we also have historic evidence of.

    There's a few historic inaccuracies present, and you will have to excuse those (Such as it being a MK II, not a MK I, the Boys missing it's mounting bracket and so on), as well as the mucked up paint job. I hope you all enjoy these photos, and feel free to comment and give me feedback to pass on to the team.

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    good for them.

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    I love Malta, I went on Holiday there in 1986 and I remember all the old British buses. There was an old WWII British truck in Valletta harbour that was still in use for pulling boats out of the water. I went back in 2011 to recover a Tornado GR4 which diverted in from a mission over Libya and was gutted to see all the vintage vehicles replaced with modern crap. I hope plenty were preserved.

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    Nice one Martin super cool stuff and would luv some of that maltese weather..........great job done by all involved......
    With Regards Jake.

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    I have seen various types of vehicles painted in that sort of camo scheme for service on Malta-I would assume it's intended for parking next to stone walls/fences there?

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    @Bobby, about 100 or so buses were taken in by Heritage Malta for preservation, and a number are still in private hands and operating as a private transport service.

    @Lithgow, that was the idea. Rubble walls are a common sight here, and most equipment was camoflauged in such a way. Unfortunately we were pressed for time and the lines on the carrier came out too thick, so we'll be redoing them.

    I've been sent a video from the day: Universal Carrier Mk II - YouTube

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    Great photos, that "Malta" camo really seems to break up the outline of the vehicle!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I remember those old RAF buses, all multi painted with the mascots, bald tyres, shot exhaust systems, but they were great , the whole island's steeped in military history, it was a fascinating place to visit, although it did look like a bomb site in certain areas, I imagine that a lot of the place had'nt changed since the war, oh and straight street was an experience

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    Ah yes, The Gut... Quite a place

    Can anyone help me track down a Bren Gun, Vickers and Boys Mounts for the Universal Carrier? At least diagrams with dimensions so we can manufacture them?

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    You are to be applauded for bringing the Bren Carrier back to 'life' and the streets instead of it being stuck immobile somewhere.

    ...consider yourself applauded ;-)

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