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Article about: Hi Guy's! Firstly I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I looked and looked and wasn't entirely sure were to post this. Anyway, I am looking at buying some certain items including mor

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    Hi Guy's! Firstly I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I looked and looked and wasn't entirely sure were to post this. Anyway, I am looking at buying some certain items including more specifically SS helmet cover and German M43 cap made by SM Wholesale USA and was wondering if their stuff is as good quality as I hear? Also one of their items is an Italian camo M43 SS cap with a Totenkopf embossed button on the front, Was this ever done? I have heard they are a big supplier now and their stuff is supposed to be bang on originals but I just wanted to see if I could get some first hand opinions from anyone who may have bought their products before. Also, Slightly off topic as I am looking to buy pieces for displays a UK vendor I am looking at who sells SM Wholesale also has reproduction Erel panzer visors reduced to 40 because of overstocking size 61 and whether anyone thinks its worth a buy for that price? Size doesn't bother me as its purely for display. I have another Janke cap en route but thought for 40 maybe worth a punt as usually they can be 100 or over. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers, Sean.

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    Hey Guys. I received this reproduction SS M43 cap today. Apparently it is SM Wholesale. I am not so sure, If they are supposed to be the best & closest reproductions often mistaken for originals, This one looks of bad quality to me. Although I am still learning about cloth headgear. The stitching and overall quality just looks poor to me including the insignia. But I would like someone who knows original caps to tell me whether it is a good repro or crap if possible please. From what I have heard I expected a bit more quality from SMW. Cheers, Sean.

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    SM Wholesale is located in Hongkong, I believe...I'm not terribly impressed with the quality of the materials, and the prices are rather high, in my opinion...I recommend US-based or for quality reproductions...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hi Glenn, Thanks for the reply. Are you sure they are based in Hong Kong? It says on their website they are US based and all products are made in US as well. I like the look of AttheFront products but as of yet am still to try them out. 1944 is pretty good too although I do believe they sell a lot of SMW products as well. I have heard time & time again they are the best reproducers of German uniforms and equipment and I have to say I am not at all impressed, The finish quality of these items is pretty bad. I also got an SS mans buckle which according to their description is "the only perfect reproduction on the market" I have compared it to originals on here and it still lacks an awful lot of detail. I would be more annoyed by these items but my Janke SS officers Doeskin visor arrived alongside that stuff today so I am too preoccupied with that lol. I know some on here don't get the point in reproductions but for someone like me who can't afford mega money for originals Jankes caps are the next best thing. Safe to say I won't be ordering anymore SMW products. Cheers, Sean.

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    Correction...they're based in Taiwan. The only repro SS buckles that I've seen that were good copies are the aluminum ones for sale at 1944Militaria...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I am not much on that stuff either but if you don't have ten grand for a real one to put on a mannequin etc display it is hard to beat the Reddick Enterprises "Erel" visors I had a friend get one of the SS officers and it is spot on perfect tricot private purchase type wool quality insignia and they are triple marked Erel with the colored piece "EreL" sewn in the diamond. There is some critisim that they are too thin wool compared it to several officer tricot wool and it is not much thinner and about right in my opinion. He got a German certificate with it along with instructions of care the quality is German made IMO I am positive these are not made in orient like a lot of them it is unknown who makes them with the Erel labels although Reddick says they have the "Exclusive Robert Lumbstein license" good caps and are perfect a little pricey he paid about almost two hundred USD with shipping. I have seen the Janke also and they are good too especially the older made type. I took a few detailed pictures of it for comparision this one had the crme under visor when he took the cap spring out as most originals are it took out the front wrinkles and looks super. One is on my future want lists for furture mannequin building hopefully. Pictures do not do it justice. timothy
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