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Many thanks Friedland, I loved the show again, even though i had a maximum radius of about 15 metres around my stall!
i still managed to have a good few chats with reenactors wondering round, makes up for the fact i couldn't get round the show much.
Shame about the drop from the dakota as well, would have loved to see that.
Was it just my imagination, or was the show about 25% bigger this year?
Definitely a lot bigger this year. My only regret was not having as much money on me as I'd originally planned (two weekends in London and Dublin plus a new washing machine has cleared me out).

I thought the prices on the trade stalls were very reasonable in general, and most were willing to negotiate on selected stuff. I'm left feeling that it's better financially for me to pick up the things I want from shows than just buying online.

As a footnote, did anyone else chat to the guy selling the severed limb film props? Lovely bloke. Turns out he played the German Soldier shot by Private Blithe (actor Marc Warren) in Band of Brothers. Memorable scene where Blithe removes the Edelweiss from his tunic.