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Personally I'd like to see a "Preview Day" for collectors...or perhaps just an earlier opening window at an increased charge...say 8-10 before everyone else piles in. Either way it's down to us to keep these things alive - we can hear (and fear) the supposed changes all year long but if we don't attend due to something we THINK we won't like the business case won't stack up. And yes, we are over a barrel.........
I had a preview day every day, since I stayed on site for the whole week I could just roll out of bed and walk to the stalls in 5 mins... well 10 mins because I was asked to get dressed first.

I do completely agree with your comment that it's also up to us to make something of the show, on another forum I saw vehicle owners comment they couldn't be bothered to enter their vehicles and then moan about the drop in exhibited vehicles when they attended as regular visitors... I heard all the rumors and decided to go and see for myself; I had a great time and I'm looking forward to go again next year (will be my 11th or 12th time or so). I heard from officials next year it will be pushed back 1 week to early August though, as the organization recognized they made a mistake in planning regarding the school holidays this year.

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Exactly where is the new location? I will probably fly into RAF Meldenhall - if it's still there - and rent a car. Worst case scenario is that I will fly into Germany and drive over from there.
I will also need to make contakt with the re-enactors (either WW 2 or Viet Nam) so I can get into the place for free as one of them.
Ahh well I've got almost a year to get it all sorted out.
If you enter 'Westenhanger Castle' in Google Maps it'll put you right on the spot. If you fly in via London it might be worth looking into coming by train, as Westenhanger train station is about 100 mtr from the entrance. If you come as a re-enactor maybe they can give you a ride to booking-in from there as that's on the other site of the grounds.