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Luftwaffe buckle

Article about: Hello It would be hard to start collecting at todays prices. Buckles are one TR item that you can put togerther a decent collection at a resonable price. \\$5000 might buy a 40- 50 buckle coll

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    Default Luftwaffe buckle

    Just picked up in trade a belt buckle, It was a friends fathers ww2 bring back, the buckle does not show much if any ware at all. Any info (history & pricing) about would be appreciated.
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    very nice buckel,,,$124- $150,,possibly

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    Welcome to the forum !

    A super Wehrmacht-Luftwaffe buckle by Ernst Schneider and of course, in tip top condition.

    I must admit though and with all due respect to Robert, that perhaps this buckle is worth somewhat more than otherwise suggested.

    Perhaps Ben et al will chip in, although all in all, a really super condition and highly desirable buckle for those who collect this type.



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    Default Re: Luftwaffe buckle

    with respect to you Dave,,, pricing of items depends on collector demand,condition,scarcity/commoness,& location,location,location,,,LOL,,,

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    Very nice buckle as the rest of the guys have already stated, very tab, paint nearly 100% and by Ernst Schneider, quite a hard maker to get hold of in Luftewaffe buckles, price wise normally $200-250 in this condition, even more.

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    never have i seen a buckle of this type with tab sell more than $185.00...if someone buys this for the price quoted earlier,,i sure would like to know who they are so i can dust mine off for sale...

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe buckle

    Looks like I joined the correct forum, thanks for the info guys!

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe buckle

    It is getting very hard to find near mint buckles. I bought a near mint Dr. frank tabbled Army buckle yesterday for $175. When I started collectining it would have been a 7-8 dollar buckle. Check out The Collectors Guild. The asking prices are high, in my opinion, but stuff sells. There is a tabbed Luft. in worse condition listed as sold for $268.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe buckle

    prices are getting higher every day

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe buckle

    prices may be getting higher,but who has the money these days..."a fool and his money are soon parted" the old saying goes...

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