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LW buckle

Article about: Thanks for the input guys Yes, the buckle was bought on the Letohall fair yesterday. I belived it was orginal for 10 minuts ago, but you scare me a little bit now

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    Ich meine Nichts dabei.
    Ich habe das gleiche Koppelschloss in gebrauchten Zustand.
    Es hat die gleiche Details.
    Wie gesagt, Ich möchte es wirklich gerne haben in meine Sammlung.
    Es gibt soviele Varianten, nach 15 Jahren sammlen, suche Ich noch immer Welche.Und wirklich,Ben aus England kennt seine Sache.



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    Hallo Rudi!
    Danke das Du in Deutsch schreibst,wie gesagt ich bin kein "Experte" ich habe ein Luftwaffen Koppelschloss vernickelt und ziemlich "benutzt"-Frage:sind die "blau/grauen " Koppelschloesser nur fuer Flak Einheiten(meins war bei Flak-vernickelt) oder spaeter im Kriege Luftwaffen Feld Divisionen?Nicht sicher damit..vielleicht weiss das jemand?
    Ja natuerlich-warum sollst Du dies nicht kaufen?Sieht interessant aus-vielleicht kannst Du es erwerben?Alles Gute und Gruesse Jurgen

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    Gents, if you write in another language could you please put the English translation in so other members can read the txt. Juergen, if it looks to new would say that this 1942 dated Heer buckle is also fake?
    Attached Images Attached Images LW buckle LW buckle LW buckle 

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    Hello,Ben greetings-Sorry I forgot to translate:I just said to Rudi he shall buy the Buckle if he likes it?(I repeat I'am not Expert) just my feelings about Buckles I seen some-but Variants are possible? I like your "Heer" Buckle but also looks NEW? the prongs better the Maker Stamp in the wrong Place on the Leather?But-I just guess,the Hook looks not soldered but electric welded(that can be OK?)The maker JFS looks OK two Dots over O in Sohne is right the Color looks strange but that can be the way its shows?I have seen only original Buckles in "fieldgray"thats more greenish Army(Heer) or Field grey blue for Airforce(Luftwaffe) really I can not say if its original-maybe another Friend knows?Best Regards Jurgen

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    Hello again This tread has become very interesting. A disscussion is far more better than a few comment with ”nice buckle” or ”congratulation”.
    Neighter I am an expert on buckles, but i have collected German fieldsgear for many years.
    Norway was used as an large depot during the war and fieldgear looking as ”new” is not uncommon. I have many items in this condition, and there is no doubt on their orginality. There were none shortage on equipment in Norway, just a lot of waiting on a big invasion wich luckeliy never came
    The prong who is mounted the wrong way doesn’t worry my eighter. I have seen original fieldgear with bigger error. Please remember that this things was made of humans, and humans do mistakes all the time.
    Do not judge this buckle on its mint condition. If I have buried in my backyard for a year, and then dig it up to show you, I quessing all of you have been belivers.
    Best regards
    PS. I barely master the written word in english so please continue the tread in this language

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    After a quick search on War relic forum I found several Bruder schneider marked buckles with leather tabs. They do look very simiular too mine don't they?

    Regards Arvid

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    Hello,agv-Yes about Norway- about "human errors"-(Austria-Germany-remember was one"Reich")the Controls on German gear were quiet sharp anything was reglementet and so were are Maker marks/WaA Stamps ect.has to be ,I guess?Never have seen "Prongs" like that-only on Replicas-but keep me right,I'am learning?I got an very "used" Luftwaffe Buckle "Nickleplatet" was from Flak-are the bluegrey paintet from Flak or Luftwaffe Field Div.?For any Idea very thankfull?best Regards Jurgen

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    Sorry(here translation)
    Hello Rudi Thanks you wrote in german to me,I'am no Expert-My Question:I got an Luftwaffe Buckle Nickleplatet from a Flak Battery-are this grey/blue Buckles from Luftwaffe Fielddivision or also Flak?Shure if you like this Buckle buy it!
    regards Jurgen-so-hope thats OK Gents? regards Jurgen

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    eagle looks a little funky to me,,,buckle prongs remind me of some fakes i have seen,,,leather could have be added latter,,,lets hope that is a good one...

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    Wink Re: LW buckle

    Hi militaryman,greetings!
    Yes thats what I also think?Some clever Fakers pull the Pin out and ad the (NEW) Leathertaps-then rivet over?-but this Rivet looks actuelly OK-sofar I as an former Locksmith can judge on the Pictures?!
    Regards Jurgen

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