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LW buckle

Article about: Thanks for the input guys Yes, the buckle was bought on the Letohall fair yesterday. I belived it was orginal for 10 minuts ago, but you scare me a little bit now

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    i also dont like the uneven finishing of the buckle prongs,,,i like to see them turned to a point evenly on both;not the haphazard clipping the way these two look...i say bad,,,

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    Hi again-yep Prongs funny?as I said also the Makers Stamp?upside down and (as a Native german) dont like "Bruder Schneider"Wien..its just wrong german Spelling if look at other Stamps:the clear like "two Dots over the vowels"that what first"hit me" looking at it? The german Regulations Controls were not happy with that-maybe another Idea-this was rejectet by the Controls and never issued?? Any more Ideas?best Jurgen

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    Gents, again just a fly in the ointment, the JFS Heer is 100000% original, just in mint condition as is the Lufte Bruder Scheider Lufte that started the thread. Just a point to remember not all buckles were made to one standard, prongs for example, there are the famous OLT prongs that were put on alot of fake SS buckles however Berge & Nolte buckle prongs look like the OLT prongs! (I am at work so will show examples later) Look at the belt buckle and characteristics thread if you are not very experienced, it may teach you a couple of tips
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    Berge & Nolte prongs for example:
    Attached Images Attached Images LW buckle LW buckle 

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    Hello again-I got an Berg&Nolte 43 Buckle for "Penalty Unit"deutsch "Strafbattallion"=the Prongs very rough just nipped of with a Plier?? like "Luftwaffe Bruder (spell "Brueder"(Brothers)Buckle"?=maybe thought good enough for this Units? but-same messures like "Heer" Buckle Steel! the were not alowed to have "german Insignia" just three Cirkels inside some dot pattern=any Idea?very appreciatet?
    best Regards Jurgen

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    Ok guys, if you do a little search on the internet you will find plenty of Bruder Schneider buckles similar to mine, and they are all genuine.
    And Jurgen, German regulation and control over fieldgear production is more a “myth” than reality. If you have been a collector for a while you should now that?

    Best regards Arvid

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    Hi Arvid-OK-I see your Point-i'ts for shure:BSW:"BRUDER (with two Dots over the Vowel "U"(german pluralform for "Brothers"! (not possible to print on english Types!)maybe not so good to see on the Picture?the did anyhing from Uniform Buttons to art?
    How comes that leather after 60 Years look like "New"?It shall have lost the Typical "Smell" after that Time?ai'nt it? I rest my case..Regards Jurgen

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    Thanks Jurgen. I have many leather items from WW2 looking like “new”, and I will show it to you later. The tab on my Luftwaffe buckle does not smell leather, and the tread do not glow under black light. Always the first thing I check

    Best regards

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    Thanks Arvid-look forward to your Pics.-What do you know about my "Penalty Buckles",please message?(some say the not excists-but I'am quiet shure !
    Its not easy to found an decent Original Leather Belt (Koppel) this Days-on ebay "Phantasie prizes" especially in a larger Size 105-110cm LOL! must be all very "skinny Boys" then say that in 1960 I was with 18 a Size 92cm Waist-but need longer belt to go over Greatcoat/Parka! best Jurgen

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    i stand corrected,,,always something to learn,,,

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