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LW buckle

Article about: Thanks for the input guys Yes, the buckle was bought on the Letohall fair yesterday. I belived it was orginal for 10 minuts ago, but you scare me a little bit now

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    Yes it look like but is not-same Buckle-got only this- just Photo taken Years appart!
    I just want to show this Type of Buckle thats all-Hope it coming more Posts about it?
    Thanks&Regards Jurgen

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    " German Penal Buckle"made market:B&N 43 (The white Bit is just to prop up!for better View)
    Hows that now? best Jurgen
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Newest Pic Penal Buckle.jpg 
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ID:	117754   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Newest Picture Penal Buckle 2.jpg 
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ID:	117755  

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    Default The Brain Buckle

    For the benefit of the forum, here are some clear images of the "pebbled" or "brain" buckle which and in my and others opinion, is erroneously referred to as pre 1945 penal or punishment related.

    In my opinion, the buckle is a post 1945 "neutral" and it is as simple as that.

    I think that this buckle first appeared in the 1970's and all and without exception were die struck steel with a silver grey paint. Originally seen without any markings and then, reappeared on the market with a B & N 43 stamping to the buckle lip.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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ID:	117757   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.jpg 
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ID:	117759  

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    This Buckles still on the international Market-sold as " German Penalty Unit Buckle"?
    My Buckle is in any Messurements excactly made of Steel-like the" WH Buckle"
    NEUTRAL?-for what Reason?

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    Jürgen, maybe this explanation will help you to understand how many buckle collectors are going ahead:

    As the most of all present buckle collectors have not experienced the years of WWII themselves, they prefer to use the following reliable sources:

    - period images with buckles in wear
    - period sales catalogues and price lists
    - official regulations from several institutions, like the RZM-Mitteilungsblatt, the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt, ...

    That's it!!

    Descriptions of WWII participants are also a source, but not a reliable source!!
    What is an over 60 years old memory of a WWII vet worth??
    You can use them usually as a first hint, nothing more, nothing less. If you intend to work precise, you'll have to confirm a vets description at least with one of the above mentioned sources.
    Before this confirmation your theory is just a claim.


    PS: To be honest, Jürgen, your images are of a dreadful quality!

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    I have learned a lot about German buckles after I started this tread. I have stated that I’m not a buckle collector, nor and expert on the subject, and the verdict on Jurgens buckle I leave to the specialized collectors.
    I do think this tread has gone a little “off topic” now, and suggest that we split it in two parts. One tread for my LW buckle, and another for Jurgen’s penalty unit buckle.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    Thanks Guido for the INFO-I just can say I N E V E R claimed to be an Expert on Buckles-so I just mentioned This Penalty Buckle for Discussion-to get so much "friendly"-(not some "Big Wig" talking down to me in insulting Ways?"SA?)Answers as Possible-I admit-the Pictures not very Good but just to show the subject-the OK? Yes -if possible I like another Topic just for This-I admit dont no how to open this-maybe you can explain This to an Old Man?Thanks& best Regards Jurgen

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    Thanks Arvid-good Idea-I total agree for a new Topic on the "Brainbuckle"LOL
    best Regards Jurgen

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Penalty Buckle for Sale.jpg 
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ID:	117812  

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    Default Re: LW buckle

    This Buckles still for Sale International for $125-150US!
    Sold as:German Penalty Unit Buckle?
    I lived 50 Years to 1990 in germany-if we wantet a "Neutral Buckle" there were plenty with Craft Insignia (non military)never seen such Buckles for Sale-( and nobody wore them( disgrace anyway?)I guess this are made on old Original Tools from the War?(Just guess)I got an original Wehrmacht Buckle and is just the same excactly in all Proportions? more Ideas please?best Jurgen

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