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Nickeled Luftwaffe buckle?

Article about: I read that some Luftwaffe buckles were nickel plated for parade use, and it seems that this could be one such buckle. I believe it might be fake, though. The catch looks similar to Assman b

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    Quote by jagdhorn View Post
    It doesn't seem to be shiny on the reverse. It appears fairly dull. The top doesn't rust (I dropped some saline on the front to see if it was very shiny steel, no rust over night. And, I know, this is a heresy, but I was still at the point of thinking it was a ruined buckle. ) Since yours is also shiny, I am wondering- was there a fad and airmen would plate their buckles? Was this possible in a large repair facility? I have no understanding of metal plating, or of the air force style, and what they had access to. I do know in the US Navy, when I was in, if one knew the right people, one could get just about anything made, engraved, etc. The number of custom made belt buckles was simply astonishing, as on my sub, there were some very skilled craftsman, and they made greet buckles. I wish I had one of them, but at the time I thought they looked dumb. But I don't know if this happened in the Luftwaffe.
    Thanks, Patrick! I don't know much about metallurgy and plating either. I know that nickeled Luftwaffe and Heer buckles existed, presumably for parade use, but it seems intuitive that those would have been on early buckles and not the late war ones like these. It definitely seems like bare metal would have rusted, though, if not from your saline then just over time. Certainly, it was against regulation, but that doesn't seem to mean much. A real puzzle.

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    Here's the back of the buckle:

    Nickeled Luftwaffe buckle?

    It looks strange to me!

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    Sorry about the sideways picture. I will correct that.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Nickeled Luftwaffe buckle?  

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    Trying again:

    Nickeled Luftwaffe buckle?

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    What do you guys think of this one? The inside is a really strange color.

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