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1st pattern Luftwaffe Damascus dagger??

Article about: Hi all, I am after some feedback on this dagger if possible. I am aware that real ones are extremely rare and I haven't handled a lot of daggers in the past so need some help with this one.

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    Larry a damast pattern or a damast blade would Always be a presentation or a private purchase, therefore it would likely be not Waffenamt controle stamped.
    Patterns are available the way you like it, but in this case the logo isnt convincing


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    Circuit advertisement 1st pattern Luftwaffe Damascus dagger??
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    Larry, In agreement with Ger, SMF made both commercial sales and government contract Luftwaffe blades with in my experience the contract ones seeming to be greater in numbers (but I've never done a count). Offhand I can think of one prewar German Army awarded Damascus sword that has period Waffenamts (German Army acceptance markings) , but that is IMO a very unusual legitimate "exception to the rule". Being in agreement also with Ger, that an item like this one should not have the Luftwaffe acceptance marks, and that the blade's etching to me doesn't look like it's period. Best Regards, Fred

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    Once again guys, thanks for the detailed feedback. These things are a definite minefield and I suppose because of their rarity need to be approached with utmost caution.
    There is also a sword in this collection which is up for grabs. I don't want to dismiss this out of hand because this Luft was not good. I will post some pictures up shortly in the correct forum for some feedback.


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