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1st pattern Luftwaffe Damascus dagger??

Article about: Hi all, I am after some feedback on this dagger if possible. I am aware that real ones are extremely rare and I haven't handled a lot of daggers in the past so need some help with this one.

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    Default 1st pattern Luftwaffe Damascus dagger??

    Hi all,

    I am after some feedback on this dagger if possible. I am aware that real ones are extremely rare and I haven't handled a lot of daggers in the past so need some help with this one. It has been in a private collection for many years. This collector deals only with daggers and swords and has been collecting for over 30 years and does have some exceptional pieces in his collection. The reason for this post is that this piece may become available in the near future. Could this be a real Damascus dagger??

    Thanks in advance.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SAM_2748.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SAM_2749.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2750.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2752.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2753.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2761.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2762.jpg 
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Name:	SAM_2764.jpg 
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    False Damascus. As to authenticity, it may well be good.
    Wait for further replies..........


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    I agree with Walkwolf.

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    Not real Damascus.

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    While it began earlier, the "Golden Renaissance" in fakes for TR collecting (IMO) was the 1970's still going strong into the 1980's, and later. So a 30 plus year collection is well within that time frame, and I can name some high end collectors who have occasionally been outright scammed by some supposed experts (perhaps not always intentionally - with some possibly just going along with what that were told). And it hasn't stopped since - although some fakes have been "outed" for what they were, and some of the more knowledgeable collectors are less adverse than they used to be to criticize fakes. And sometimes even be critical of some of the "authorities/others" who continue to endorse various fakes as "real". (I'm speaking here generally - not specifically to just Luftwaffe blades.)

    That said, as the others have stated it's not true Damascus, instead being a Damascus like pattern etched on ordinary plain carbon steel. For myself, from the images I'm not particularly impressed by the quality of the etching on the TM and blade and it's not an example that I would purchase for myself. Best Regards, Fred

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    Yes, they did, of course, make special daggers and swords both with Damascus blades and with Artificial Damascus blades. The Artificials were Etched with the weld patterns rather than being part of the welded layers of actual Damascus steel. This blade shown, however, does not appear to be either. The Artificials that I've come across show a markedly different appearance than the one here. The likelihood this leaves then of it being an older 70's era fake is fairly high. I would certainly not invest any considerable money into it. (In truth, I would simply pass on it outright)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks for the detailed feedback guys. Much appreciated.

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    Out of interest is this the dagger with the Flak inscription on the scabbard being sold by E K Militaria?

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    I have seen orginal advertisement catalogues made pre WW1 that showed numerous artifical damast patterns.
    I now Danny has this cataloque that shows lovely patterns available for Imperial Marine daggers, would be nice if he would scan some nd post them.
    I will ask him next wednesday when he will visit me to pick up a hand full of Heer daggers.

    This artifical damast should come up with a perfect makers logo, as they are both etched, but as Fred pointed out its a poor one.
    IMO this could only be a fake.


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    A question for the Luft collectors..... SMF is commonly if not always seen with a waffen amt mark above the logo. There is no Amt marking at all.

    1.Has the damascus filled in the Amt marking?
    2.Should the Logo be raised above the damascus?

    and just my opinion this damascus looks to be lacking...and also appears going in the wrong direction which is seen going across the blade and not along the length of it. Thoughts ? Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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