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2nd luft

Article about: i dont have many daggers or knives but heres my 2nd luft

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    Default 2nd luft

    i dont have many daggers or knives but heres my 2nd luft
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2nd luft   2nd luft  

    2nd luft  

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    Default Re: 2nd luft

    this is all my sharp bits
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2nd luft  

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    Default Re: 2nd luft

    Hi Dave, the 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger is a very nice design. I like them. That is a good clean example. Always good to have them with the knot and hangers.

    Thanks for showing you other daggers too. I don't collect Italian items, but I have always like the MVSN dagger and have fancied owning one. I like the way they used to salute using them in the outstretched arm.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: 2nd luft


    That looks like a very nice WKC. I see a lot of cross grain on the blade. Congrats. To me the blade is everything.


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    thanks guys glad you like it, the lady i got this from inherited an old trunk and at bottom was this wrapped in 1940s newspaper probably why its still in good condition cheers dave

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    Love your Luft dagger,if you get tired of it I can find it a new home

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    A beautiful example of the 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger. It is amazing how much of this material was shipped home, stored and forgotten. It appears you are well on the way to starting a nice edged weapons collection.


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    Indeed, 2nd model Lufwaffe daggers have a stunning look. If I'am lucky I may be able to add an Alcosso LW dagger to my collection, they have one for sale in an local auction house not far from where I live...

    Alltough it may look batterd on the pictures this one is far from it. I've held it in my hand last week and I can assure you the blade is yust perfect...

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    Default Re: 2nd luft

    just looking at this old thread,did you get that dagger Nick? cheers Dave

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    Default Re: 2nd luft

    Nice example that Dave nice bit of cross grain, i like your Rohm aswell

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