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2nd Luftwaffe Damascus steel and hangers by P.D. Luneschloss

Article about: Hi What do you say about the 2nd Luftwaffe dagger made of Damascus steel with hangers ??

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    Circuit advertisement 2nd Luftwaffe Damascus steel and hangers by P.D. Luneschloss
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    I cant give you an opinion on the dagger as I haven't looked into them all that much (sadly cant afford one ) but hangers are 100% fake as the guys have pointed out different things and the detail is well off
    cheers Ronnie

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    Guys these fakes have been around a long time and well known amongst seasoned collectors.
    You need only to look at the makers mark. Plumacher, Pack and Lunescholoss were the marks most commonly seen on them.
    If you see any of these marks on a damascus blade best to shy away.
    Ok Ok someone is going to tell me that the may have made such a piece, well maybe they did... but with so many fakes out there it would be nearly unmarketable.
    As for the Alcoso well just look at the fittings. IMHO a maker producing such a special piece would use their own fittings not a mix of parts.

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