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2nd model Luft Dagger

Article about: Help me pull this one apart please. All pieces are loose, pieced together? Scabbard is not Luftwaffe. Blade unmarked. Wiring on grip replaced. In my opinion, all pieces are original but mism

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    Default 2nd model Luft Dagger

    Help me pull this one apart please. All pieces are loose, pieced together? Scabbard is not Luftwaffe. Blade unmarked. Wiring on grip replaced. In my opinion, all pieces are original but mismatched. I bought this over the internet, if I had seen it in person first, I wouldve passed. but ok, I never learn. lol

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Loose components are a sure sign of a parts dagger. The mismatched aging on the parts also suggest that this dagger was made from parts from other daggers. Its too bad that this dagger is not what you believed it to be when you purchased it.

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    Hello Teresa and welcome to the forum!
    Some daggers will just not come apart. The combination of blade steel and a soft metal plus 70+ years of being together are not a good thing. I have used a heat gun, the type used for stripping paint, to gently warm the pommel in case there is any glue inside. Be sure not to overheat it. You could also try very small amounts of penetrating oil.
    Hope this helps,
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    Hi LuftGirl....welcome to the forum...hopefully you did not put much out of pocket for this mentioned from Panzersaurus it is comprised of many varied parts....including missing carrying bands on the scabbard..or at least one that see that is missing. Alot of great people and minds on this forum..and I ask you to please indulge into the resources we have to offer here.. including asking questions .

    Your appetite looks to be sharp and the first your post. I am hopeful that it will be your appetite in collecting. Enjoy your stay here. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Not such a bad Dolch. It's still quite attractive. If you want to stablize it, I would unscrew the pommel, disassemble it and then assemble with epoxy glue inside, which ruins historic value but at least it wont rattle which really turns people off.

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    First off, Thanks for the many welcomes and opinions on this. As I had feared, a parts piece. I didnt loose too much out of pocket though. I never mess with items by glueing and such but since this isnt a correct piece, what would you say about using locktite? and would it be terrible to remove the replacement wire? I believe that its best missing pieces rather than fake parts added.

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    Welcome to the forum. Most daggers live a life sitting in place. Just leave it alone and make sure going forward you post photos of anything you wish to acquire for your collection here first. You will receive valuable opinions on this forum.

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