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2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF

Article about: Basic knowledge of the Here and Luftwaffe During their production, on the most Luftwaffe and Heer to them is putting a final finish. This layer of patina with time, and starting to get black

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    Default 2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF

    Hi guys,

    I would like to show you my 2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF. A while ago I posted an early army dagger by SMF. I mentioned that they didn't sell many of this type and some think it was because of the somewhat strange design of the crossguard eagle. Well, their 2nd model luftwaffe dagger is an entirely different story. SMF was one of the biggest producers of this model and I can understand why. I think the design of this eagle is one of the best if not the best of the 2nd model luftwaffe producers. The SMF luftwaffe daggers are known for retaining the gilding of the swastika very well. This piece is no exception. I still don't know why this is. They must have had a different gilding process than other producers. Also SMF nickel plated their blades, also seen on for example Weyersberg and R.Klaas produced daggers. I will post these later when time permits. The scabbard bands of the SMF luftwaffe dagger are unique to this producer. Unlike other big firms they didn't sell parts to smaller companies. Enjoy the pictures.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

    2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF   2nd model luftwaffe dagger by SMF  

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    A great dagger, and great photos to go with it Danny. I agree with you, it is the best looking bird of all the second Luft daggers. On most of the others the eagle looks more like a turkey with unfortunate ancestry. Thank you for showing this beautiful dagger.


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    Hi Danny, your dagger is fantastic! I don´t have SMF marked dagger in my collection, but I certainly love your daggers - this LW 2nd. model and WH also!

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    Darn Danny this one realy looks like an eagle instead of some dying Turkey
    You know i dislike the second model and by posting this one you try to make me change my mind
    Well...........i most admit this is a gorgeous piece!
    But you need to post more of these beauty's before i will buy one too

    Thx Danny for posting this one


    Btw nice Photo's, most have had a great teacher LOL

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    Dark pumpkin grip contrasts well with the silver springy grip wire, and a gilded swaz to top it all off, great item!

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    If there is any dagger that could represent the should be this one as I had an SMF at one time..and every attribute you have pointed all true.
    This producer has outdone themselves and most of their competion..with this beauty. The Pumpkin toned grip really sets of the Gilded swaz..something a yellowed grip can not quite do...but a more of an orange makes the Gilding standout. ...I liken it to a Blued eyed girl..who wears just enough blue colors to set off her eyes...this is a pleasure Danny..and i kick myself for letting mine go. Nice addition to the forum Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Thanks for the kind words guys! And Ger, you are right, my photography has improved after some advice you gave me I will keep posting 2nd model luftwaffe daggers until I have convinced you that they are worth collecting


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    Very nice 2st LW dagger, but unfortunately very heavy polished - its missing the entire finish.


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    Nordland, I guess my photo's don't do my dagger justice. It has a beautiful patina and the dagger wasn't pollished at all. So I have to disagree with you.


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    What a fine example!!! fantastic Danny I have just double clicked on the pics to show the true detail in a dagger I would love to own
    thanks for showing, love the swaz with ALL the guilt still on it!!!! ....very nice indeed
    thanks again,

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