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Alcoso 2. model Luftwaffe dagger - gold gilded pommel swastika?

Article about: Hi. I need some opinions about these dagger: Does these gold gilding on 2. model Alcoso Luftwaffe dagger pommel swastika looks like period done or? Danke in advace Schlange

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    Default Alcoso 2. model Luftwaffe dagger - gold gilded pommel swastika?


    Is it normal that some 2. model luftwaffe daggers produced by Alcoso Solingen has gold gilded pommel swastika?
    Does anyone has such to show?


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    It is true that many of the 2nd Model Luftwaffe's had gilded swastikas, but unfortunately, most are found today with little or no trace of the gilding left, as it was particularly susceptible to absorption and quickly disappeared. If you do a search here, you will find a few examples to see,though. Post #13 of Danny "Dr73" shows a stunning example of one. 2nd model luftwaffe by Alcoso

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    I manage to find two Alcoso Solingen two pommels with gold gilded swastika. Are they look ok for TR period?

    Name:  Unatitled-1 copy.jpg
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    Name:  Untitled-1 copy.jpg
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    All other Alcoso Solingen 2. model Luftwaffe pommels has standard black patina on swastika area.

    Danke in advance


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    Its a rare sight indeed to find any gilt left on most Luftwaffe pommels due to the application process to make them "stick" better to the Pommel Swaz.

    Can you show us a pic of the Producers give the members here a time frame of Alcoso production?

    The Producer SMF seems to have been the best in Over Achievement in the Gold Gilt Process. I have seen some ratty looking SMFs..and yet still retained most of its Gilt on the Pommel swaz. Your Alcoso example is a special exception and quite rare to have most of it left. The question still remains is there an original untouched example that shows the Gilting done on an Alcoso example?

    Shown in the link provided by Wagriff Dannys Minty example minus the Gilt.

    Name:  IMG_2776.jpg
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    Also seen here in Member "Peter collectors thread " Luftwaffe daggers collection Post #38

    Regards Larry
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