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Dress Bayonet?

Article about: by Walkwolf The grips were indeed lighter in colour You can see the difference here the 2 tone stag handle on the left and the wood imitation handle on the right...

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    Default Dress Bayonet?

    I have this bayonet,and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little more about it. I assume its a dress bayonet,The hilt actually has felt that is cut to fit the hole,it very different from the others that i have....

    Dress Bayonet?Dress Bayonet?Dress Bayonet?Dress Bayonet?

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    Yes, it's a dress bayonet. Nice too in that it has jigged bone grips.
    The frogs for these scabbards are usually a polished 'patent'
    type black leather.


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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    The frogs for these scabbards are usually a polished 'patent' type black leather.
    Wow thanks that helped me sort out something among my bayonets,I sort of just matched everything up. here is a photo the top frog is the one i originally had with it and the bottom one(although its really hard to see) appears to have had a patent leather finish,which is now a collection of cracks.

    Dress Bayonet?

    I was wondering if this was used by a specific service branch? Was it common? and as for the red felt i assume it was only for wear no way this was made to be put on a rifle.
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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    The grip plates seem to be made of wood in "staghorn design", IMO an legit "Extra-Seitengewehr", congrats !

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    Quote by Reibert View Post
    The grip plates seem to be made of wood in "staghorn design"

    Wow good eye ,I think you are your right,The stag handles are white underneath...must be a late war model.Thank you

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    Such Extra-Seitengewehre were private purchased.
    The soldier had the choice, to buy the Seitengewehr, equipped with the, common, black, bakelite grip plates or, the, (more expensive), staghorn grip plates.

    A compromise was, to buy an Extra-SG, equipped with wooden grip plates, imitating the costly staghorn ones.

    It´s a myth, to term an Extra-SG, equipped with staghorn grip plates, as a "Gebirgsjäger-Bajonett" ! ...

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    So its resale value should be between the Bakelite version and the stag horn grip...

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    Theese are veyr nice i like them a lot i think theese would probably sell closer to the stag grips value wise i think they are uncommon

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet?

    The grips were indeed lighter in colour - I guess my late night eyes were too tired.........!


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    These are usually referred to a artificial stag and the fittings on the bayonet are usually unplanted. They are uncommon because later in the war there was little need for dress bayonets. I wouldn't pay anywhere close to the price of one with real stag horn grips.

    All the best


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