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fallschirmjäger gravity knife

Article about: Just got this in the last couple of days has missing springs and lever any one know were I can get parts or repair? More pics below. Eric

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    Quote by jws54 View Post
    ,..the tough part about your original is that it is not a "take-down" model. you will see the arrow on the later one.

    it was made to come apart for repair,....
    I agree the take down is a breeze but how to get type 1 apart they both have two springs that look to match. I now hate to tear the post one apart as I have for some reason fell in love with it and it was orig bought for parts. I guess I will get ahold of lakeside or someone.

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    when dis-assembling something that was not made to be dis-assembled,..the last thing is the first.,..that last thing is

    how will it look when it's done. That puts the idea of the pins on the body and the lanyard ring. Getting them apart is

    not so difficult,..the trick is to make it appear that it has not been taken apart. I usually start from one side and drill

    out the pins, taking care not to damage the grips. Then I drive the pins out from the backside on the internal part

    of the other grip if needed. I usually saw the head off the lanyard pin as it is the hardest thing to make look correct.

    I then make the repairs and reassemble the whole and use the drilled pins that removed the grip and saw them off

    and reverse them using a portion of the stem to show as original and use an actual new pin in the grip, below that

    which does not show. The head of the lanyard pin which I had sawed off is bored to receive a smaller pin in the shaft

    of what remains,....when it is all done, is passable. I suppose now that the newer issue Gravity Knives have gone

    up in value, is harder to justify cannibalizing one of them for parts. So, there we are at yet another square one,,...

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    Very well said but I can get another doner knife though for less than 50$ for parts But what would labor be on such repair?

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    I am in and out of the hospital quite a bit this year and starting next week, .it will be the beginning of yet another adventure. If you would not mind waiting a bit until I am back in the saddle,...I could talk with you further about
    this. I got your PM's and thank you.

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    Check out Mr. Wittmanns web page. he does repairs from time to time
    Wittmann Antique Militaria


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    Thanks Derk he was my next contact I know he can do it. I need to get ahold of him so I can get it fixed.

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