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Luft Gravity knife

Article about: Hi All Opinions needed for this gravity knife by advance thanks Kind regards

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    "Just remember it is easy fooling people in a forum with pictures but you will never fool a collector with it in the hand.

    If only, matty....if this were true, we wouldn't have so many posts of "I just bought it real?"

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Luft Gravity knife
    Your point Matty?
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    Hang on im getting to that. Ok take this guy his done well with his English he's from francais.

    here are the logos.... the punch nose is stamped on the blades of all the 3 later knives and 1 non take down...... the not rounded nose is on 2 of the 3 earlier knives...... now, close your books and tell me why I have to consider as post war reproduction 4 of these 6 knives ? I mean, yes 4 of 6 have different logos (and look well: in these 4 with the rounded nose you can see other differences again) but apart the logos ?

    He calls it the punch nose but the expression I presume means rounded. the knife in question is a late model gravity knife with a rounded nose (punch nose). So that means it should have a rounded nose and not a pointy one?
    I think its number 6.

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    Of the 6 illustrated, it's Close to #1, but I think Matty is right-it looks like #6 the most. So now, what about the other point of contention? The "stick bird" being too fat and the rivets?
    Personally, I have to say that I rather like this one. My 1st look at it didn't set off any immediate alarm bells. The only one of these I've ever had was a Paul Weyersburg, so I wasn't too sure on the SMF, so I held back making a comment, but from what I can see looking at it from an overall view, I'm not convinced yet that there is anything irrevocably wrong here.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Perhaps ??

    Maybe this will save the day.... Just Kidding... Happy New Year....Interesting thread I might add... Gwar
    Attached Images Attached Images Luft Gravity knife 

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    also the fat nose crowns are different,the 1 on gun collectors is a fat nose only $650.

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    Strange that Lufts 2nd type daggers and gravity's have been so widely reproduced that on every forum collectors Always come with the same question: is it the real deal?

    Why? are the fakes so good, or are we less interested in them BECAUSE so many turn up to be fakes at forums?
    Who was first the egg or the chicken?
    I avoid 2nd type luft daggers because somehow i just cant get a grip on the guards and pommels.
    Those ugle chicken guards do not attract me somehow.
    That problem i do not have with early 1st pattern lufts

    I have seen quite a few gravs but i will not buy one, too many doggies out there....and im not carrying my complete library with me at a fair.


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    I share the same view Gerrit about 2nd luft's but each to there own.
    Anything as controversial as this isn't worth touching anyway.
    If its fake then fair enough, if it isn't that's a lesson to us all about overcleaning -don't do it.

    The question is does this belong in the "near perfect edged weapon" sticky? Hehe

    best to you all matty

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    Hi All

    Thanks for the replies here are more details photos
    As you can see this is not an Pakistani copy or the US copy at 98$, absolutly different the mark Matty has pointed is exactly the same Number 6, the wood is hard not tender as the copy, and rivets are not in copper Iron some rust on it and parts of it have the same number
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