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Luftwaffe 1st model, Alcoso Solingen

Article about: Hey all. Found a luftwaffe dagger for sale and got real excited. But when looking on the pictures, that feeling kind of dropped. The thing that made me loose most interest is the scabbard. I

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    Harry has a good point guys...nobodys asked the price.


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    A closer look at the chain link attached to the scabbard fittings would be a worth while look see if had been altered crudely or professionally.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    That's right larry. To many times these chains get snapped and then re-attached to the next link to then be told 'ol yeah that's period shortening'.
    Its not, its called broke and re-attached! LOL

    If shortening was so popular why does it always seem to be on the weaker aluminium chains and not the nickel variety? Bit of a coincidence don't ya think?

    The daggers in question has more problems than the chain in all fairness, but I generally beleave 9/10 times when we see shortening its not period shortening.

    best matty

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    my motto.if cheap enough buy it,at last it would have a good home.
    Thats a motto worth following!

    Harry has a good point guys...nobodys asked the price.
    This is a private auction sell. The bid starts at 1sek (a little less then 1euro).
    There are more then 5 days until the auction will end so the price wont start to rise much until a couple of days. Thats how it usually works on this site.

    I would let this Luft at the sellers place.
    Its been messed with to much.
    It looks like the fittings have been sprayed with Alu paint.
    the blade is not looking good, dont spoil your money on a bad one like this.
    A closer look at the chain link attached to the scabbard fittings would be a worth while look see if had been altered crudely or professionally.
    I will send the seller a private message and ask for some more photos of the scabbard and chain.


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    Have not heard from the seller yet. And I do not think I will...
    Guess We wont get further then this.

    Thanks for the replies and thoughts on the object.

    I'll update the thread with the sell price when the auction is over.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Jonas,

    well although 'extra pictures' is easy enough asked from the buyer point of view its rather inconvient from a sellers point of view. All that taking photo's, then loading them up/naming the pictures (filling your computer memory up) then uploading them all what a pain.

    What I have found in the past from selling daggers is people inundate you with requests for pictures. Can I have this picture of this and a picture of that, No that's not quite right I need another picture but this time 1mm over to the left and with the dagger facing north to south not east to west - its just bloody ennoying to say the least! Then you'll think great ive sent all these pictures he'll be happy to receive a message back saying 'can I have more pictures, Im still not sure'.

    There is an awful amount of time wasters in the militaria world so im sure the guys had the question a million times. After my few deals I could never be a dealer, its just too frustrating and quite frankly I do not envy them doing the job.

    Don't take it personally fella, im just trying to shed some light on what may be the case. If he's having a bad run of 'timewasters' its very easy to lose enthusiasm.

    On the other hand he may not be as innocent as me. He may not want to take more pieces as it may put you off!

    best matty

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    Hi Matty,

    I understand what you are saying, and I'm not taking it personal.
    The seller of this dagger might not know the issues with it and like you said, he might be fed up with all the timewasters.
    He has sold daggers before that looked good and he is selling some other ones right now aswell which also look good to me.
    I just dont like the thought of people trying to take advantage of us "noobs" by selling questionable items. Not saying he is.

    Best regards,

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    I just found one today along with a K98 Bayonnett in a storage locker i bought and it is way worse shape but i am so happy to finally find another Alcoso Solingen. I have been searching for awhile till i found your post, I was beginning to think i had a copy. The guy whose unit i bought was an older German gentleman and probably brought these back to the USA himself. Thanks!

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    Matty, The Luft 2nd and Heer dagger hangers were very commonly messed with lengthwise! The officers would cut some off the tops of the straps and resew them to the top fitting. I have many examples of this! Best, Kevin.

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