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Luftwaffe 1st model, WKC

Article about: Hey! I'm really interested in this dagger and would like to know how much I should be willing to pay for it. It's beeing auctioned from a private seller and has no fixed price. From the look

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    I have always loved the first pattern luftwaffes daggers because it has 4 (yes 4!!) beautiful swastika's, in fact the only german dagger to have that many which is great.
    600 euro (or £500) will probably get you a Luftwaffe dagger but you wouldn't find a decent one in England for that price. You could try a auction house, but by the time you've paid the 20% premium on top of the hammer price it usually doesn't end up much cheaper than visiting a dealer.
    What seems to drive the price on the aluminium version is how much of the gilded swaz's are left intact as quite often it has worn off. The example in question has it all so its a mega bonus! On the nickel version, the swas doesn't wear off, instead the nickel plating between the legs wear off revealing the entire brass disc. So the nickel version is often judged by how much plating is left between the legs.
    Don't be put off by what I said about the aluminium version, they still are a nice dagger. I just think its important to remember theyre not as desirable as the nickel versions so remember it when buying or bidding (unlike me).
    Ger, really surprised to hear you had problems selling your nickel Luftwaffe daggers. Did they have the swas's intact or were they worn? Picture would be super if you have one fella!
    regards Matty

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    Matty here are some pics, i sold them to Poland and Hungaria
    Had them here on Classified, but sold the on German Mil.Coll.
    Strange these dagger dont sell in Holland.
    a decent SA is gone in a weekend

    Luftwaffe 1st model, WKCLuftwaffe 1st model, WKCLuftwaffe 1st model, WKCLuftwaffe 1st model, WKCLuftwaffe 1st model, WKCLuftwaffe 1st model, WKC

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    Personally I prefer also the Nickel type. To each his own. Those are IMO 2 very nice Lufts Gerrrit! here in the US they are nearing the $1000 mark. The 2nd Lufts are still retaining their moderate pricing.
    To find a 55cm becoming difficult and quite expensive. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    Thanks for the picture Gerrit. As they say "a pictures worth a thousand words". It looks to have an aluminium chain (judging by the bigger eyes) making it a hybrid and not a pure early nickel type dagger.

    Just looking at the market value of the 1st pattern Luftwaffe in johnsons 'collectors handbook' from 2007.

    Market value; very good Excellent Mint
    Nickel fittings $900 $1000 $1400
    Aluminium fittings $595 $775 $995

    May help you with your bidding Joronus, just remember 2007 prices so may have gone up since then. I see mr wittman is selling several 1st luftwaffes nearer and well above $2000 in some cases. Seems allot to me, but he must think that's where theyre heading perhaps?
    Wittmann Militaria - 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggers

    The 55cms seem to have vanished Larry which is sad. I think the closest thing to get (which sadly Johnsons haven't priced in this book) is the transitional type when they started to change to the 1st pattern we know today.

    Best matty

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    Lovely daggers Ger!

    I do prefer silver thread on the grips.

    Thanks for the prizing tip Matty, I'll keep that in mind when bidding


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    Ok Jonas,
    Let us know how you get on or even better what it makes. Im only saying what others are thinking, but it would finish the thread nicely.

    cheers matty

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    The auction ended without me getting the dagger. Sadly

    It landed on rougly 700 euro / 965 usd.
    I got beat at the finish line, i had my maximum set at aprox 690 euro / 950 usd.


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    Hi Jonas, Thankyou for finishing the thread off properly, you've gained great respect by doing so.

    Would the highest bidder have to pay the auction fee's on top? Could work out very expensive if its 15-18% on top.

    Kind regards matty

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    Hi Matty

    No the winner do not have to pay an auction fee on top.
    It was sold on a site where people can sell things by them selfs without a 3rd party taking a cut.


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    Just under £600 for us brits then which is fairly cheap actually.
    Still room for a dealer with abit of time to push it on, but I think you done right to leave it anyway.
    Best matty

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