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Luftwaffe Dagger?

Article about: Hello all, Annoyed from this ads?   Need opinions on this Dagger. I'm no expert so I need some assistance. Real? Fake? Value?

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    Default Luftwaffe Dagger?

    Hello all,

    Need opinions on this Dagger. I'm no expert so I need some assistance. Real? Fake? Value?Luftwaffe Dagger?Luftwaffe Dagger?Luftwaffe Dagger?

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    Circuit advertisement Luftwaffe Dagger?
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    It's not Luftwaffe, but a DLV dagger.

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    Yes thanks for the clarification. I believe it was a civilian org forerunner of Luftwaffe

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    Wow a better background is in tall order.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    nice dagger awful background.

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    Look at the throat to see where it served, does it have the Flying man marking of the NSFK or the DLV wings?
    This Gebr.Heller would be a sought after knife if its condition would be a bit better.
    The grip leather is worn and it misses its hanger and bufferpad.
    The blade has been polished.
    So coming to its value....its not a collectable knife in the sense of a high quality collectable.
    Its more like a display of a WW2 knife, most likely the knife has been abused by the Vets what price makes you happy?
    Tops 400-450 dollars i guess.
    Also to answer your question: Yes its an Original
    Here the pics of the throat stamps to determine if its a NSFK or a DLV knife
    Luftwaffe Dagger?
    Luftwaffe Dagger?
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