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Luftwaffe dagger with hanger (good first dagger find?)

Article about: Good afternoon I have found this dagger at a antique store I went to, it's got some nice wear and patina ,I'm not well read on daggers nor its model and hanger but I took a chance on it dumb

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    Wow that's a nice looking dagger with same numbering marks, never figure that they would have the same as on mines.

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    Circuit advertisement Luftwaffe dagger with hanger  (good first dagger find?)
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    Johnson Militaria, Wittmann Militaria both have Luft Daggers with exactly the same Hanger Markings.
    Apparently the U denotes Uniform.

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    Hi All .... Here is a posting I've found on the Internet ..

    I’d never encountered the U.E.10 mark and ‘borrowed’ this explanation from Collectors Guild
    The embossed RZM logo with a single, opened bottom, circular border and additional markings "U.E" indicates "Uniformeffekten Erlaubnißschein, (Uniform Accessories Licence), and the manufacturer’s numerical code, "10". It appears the combined RZM/U.E., markings were utilized circa May 1933 to March 1935 when the original controlling authority of the SA Quartermaster’s Department was converting into the RZM, Reich Zeug Meisterei, (National Equipment Quartermaster). Manufacturers were assigned a U.E. code numeral until March 1935 when the RZM underwent restructuring and assigned manufacturers contract letters and numerical codes. There was some confusion among manufacturers as to what items fell under RZM/UE control as this example indicates. The Luftwaffe was not under the RZM’s authority. The U.E. code numerals do not correspond to the later RZM codes and no listing of the U.E. codes is known.

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