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Luftwaffe daggers collection

Article about: Hello Larry, this sword was find in trash, but by homeless person, not direct me. I always like to look at trash and junkyard - and I find a lot of interesting and believe me - valuable thin

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    Hello Larry, this sword was find in trash, but by homeless person, not direct me. I always like to look at trash and junkyard - and I find a lot of interesting and believe me - valuable things - but not military items
    Regards Peter

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    Quote by PeterCollector View Post
    Hello friends, this is my first Third Reich dagger! It is very nice wartime produced C. Eickhorn dagger. Dagger show a lot of usage during the period. Factory applications to corssguard and pommel is gone to time, but dagger still looks good and I like it too much, because this is my first dagger. Hope you like photos and dagger too, despite its condition. This is textbook Eickhorn example with portepe and hanger. Regards peter
    I love this hanger!!

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    Hi Anzel,
    today I put out this 2nd. model Luftwaffe dagger by Eickhorn from my showcase and look at it closely, sometimes when I have a while to rest I admire this outstanding relics of history.


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    Great collection Peter and thanks for sharing!

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    Impressive collection, Peter. The detailed photos are fantastic.

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    Hi Peter collector (now that's a username).

    Nice to see a beautiful collection, incredible that the luftwaffe sword was found in the bin.

    Why do you choose to collect the later Luftwaffe edges rather than early nickel?

    best matty

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    Hi to all,
    thanks a lot for your kind comments, I really appreciate them
    Matty, I donīt know, I just like war produced 2nd. model Luftwaffe daggers with white handle, I like impressive Generic eagle and pommel and also they are more common than early examples... Maybe in future I try to focus on early types, but not now, because I have to finish my army daggers collection.

    Regards Peter

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    Default Which Luftwaffe dagger?

    Hi Peter, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but i dont know any place else to post this and hope you might could help me! I found this sword at my grandfather, after he passed away. It was found by my grandfather, in a small village in Norway. I have searched around the Internett and it seems to be a luftwaffe dagger? but the luftwaffe daggers that seems to be just like this sword are "black" and I could not find any yellow/gold versions? So to the question, do you know the name of this and what the value could be? Sorry for bad pictures, the sword is not located near me know, and i realy want to know more about it.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftwaffe daggers collection   Luftwaffe daggers collection  

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    Welcome to the Forum Gaute.
    You have a 1st model Fliegerdolch with a second model Luftwaffe dagger grip and ferrule. This dagger did not leave the factory in this configuration. I would think the grip was replaced post war. The photo below shows both daggers in proper configuration.


    Luftwaffe daggers collection

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    Hi Gaute, thanks for sending dagger here and showed it to us. Wolfgang is right, you have 1st. model Luftwaffe dagger, but which has orange grip from Luftwaffe dagger 2nd. model, ferrule also belongs to 2nd. model Luftwaffe, like Wolfgang said. Dagger is from early production, and saw a lot of usage during the period, so silvering on pommel and crossguard is almost worn off, and that is why dagger seems to be "gold" to you, it is nothing unusual - or it is gold paint I canīt see it from your photos. Despite this fact, daggers is very nice, and if you will be lucky you can find proper black wooden grip for it, or you can sell it for parts... I canīt tell you value of this dagger, because it is not complete, but if you find proper parts - black wooden grip of 1st. model luftwaffe, price can be about 600-700 € Now it is much less Hope its helps to you

    P.S: Wolfgang, very nice daggers!

    Regards Peter

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