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Luftwaffe forestry knife Waffen-Loesche Ch. A. W.

Article about: Sometimes your searching for something and you come by chance across a gem that has been on the wishlist for quite some years. Arriving just before Christmas its my pricvate present for unde

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    Fred i saw that Klaas marked dagger on GD, imo this Klaas is more like a look a like one, not having all the features these CH.A.W. marked ones have.
    Recently i saw one of these "look a likes" in Germany on an auction, it had a different style blade, and to me more like a shed put together piece, it had very plain stag grips, and they were attacted to the tang with 5 rivets instead of the usual bolts.


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    Interesting comments from both Fred & Ger. The potential to fake the Waffen-Loesche can not dismissed. Someone "working in a shed" could put together something that appeared to be the real thing. For one thing the blades are available. The "Carbine blade" was used between early 1900's and the 1930's on KS98 parade bayonets and hunting knives. I have an Imperial era parade bayonet with this (unmarked) blade and it's worth considerably less than a W-L knife. What Ger describes as someone making a hand grip is not too difficult for someone skilled.

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    I understand the point being made about fake look-a-likes, but from the pictures posted I could not get a good sense one way or the other if it had been put together after the war. Some period products from Solingen had markings indicating legal protections for a specific design so that it could not be copied. (One that you might not ordinarily think of were the trademarks which were protected). Not a completely dedicated knife collector myself, my point really being was the knife design an exclusive one? Best Regards, Fred

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    Fred as for period "look a likes" , that may explain this elusive Alex. Coppel version, previously mentioned on this thread.

    Luftwaffe forestry knife Waffen-Loesche Ch. A. W.

    Note the blade is not the "Carbine" type but the overall look is W-L.

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    Fred i understand your feelings, would it be a period build? a put together souvenir? or one that has been made in the 80ths....
    Who can tell, the one i saw in Germany was not made that well, and for sure didnt came close to the dagger i started this post with.
    Blade style was the same like the ACS, but gripplates had 5 rivets.
    I just couldnt made up the origin, but it was way off for me to keep pictures unfortunate...


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    This interesting thread deserves a bump into the light again. Perhaps someone out there has some new evidence to bring, or has a Waffen-Loesche sales catalogue in a bookcase gathering dust..

    Luftwaffe forestry knife Waffen-Loesche Ch. A. W.

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