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Luftwaffe machete

Article about: I like this sawtoothed example of the machete which made its first known (so far) public appearance in a 1942 photo, but minus the saw teeth. With (in the U.S.) small quantities of the old t

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    Default Luftwaffe machete

    Gents please advise. Is it a legit one? And if so. How match is it worth? Roughly
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftwaffe machete   Luftwaffe machete  

    Luftwaffe machete   Luftwaffe machete  

    Luftwaffe machete  

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    Not an item I have much experience with, but I like the look of it. Much better than any of the fakes I have seen?

    Reibert has shown one on the forum in the past.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    wow !

    at first I wondered,because it would be so easy to fabricate such an item. but then look at the makers mark, sure looks great. apparently two types ones with brass fittings and no teeth and steel fittings with the saw teeth.

    maybe you seen this link already, but your makers mark is pictured in it and its identical to me if your scabbard (full size pic of it) is the same you got a nice Luft machete,from what I can tell. seen a dealer asking $3200 for his brass fitted one but it had the rare frog, so like usual, if one needed to sell it fast,its going to be quite a bit less I would guess. I would also think, different production dates, one would think they went to steel later(brass in shortages) and improved it with the saw teeth. just speculating ofcourse

    thanks for sharing this. I hope its straight up legit, i have never held one myself.


    Luftwaffe survival machetes - Gentleman's Military Interest Club

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    it has a nice scabbard, here are couple of more images

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftwaffe machete   Luftwaffe machete  

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    the end of the scabbard and its shape is identical to the other ones.

    congrats !

    I think its cool as hell, and would not be surprised if it was worth even more.

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    thanks , gents

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    I have never seen one of these before, and I didn't know that they even existed. Who would these have been issued to?

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    Here is Reibert's topic with info

    and check the link given by command450

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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    Never seen one of these before, but I like the look of it too.........!


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    Default re: Luftwaffe machete

    I noticed that the screws look like they may have been replaced at one time. Notice how the one sticks out about 1/8" through the handle. This would give you a blister in a hurry using it. It may just have been over tightened also, hard to tell from the pics. Other than that it's a very nice blade. Nice find, I'd love to have one.


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