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my new Luftwaffensword

Article about: dear friends please a look at my new Sword , made by WKC , Newsilver opinions welcome Regards tom

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    Or the person cleaning it was a total toad...and spilled all brasso all over it...that I can believe and see it now..thank you Mr Kees
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    Something looks odd about the grip imo, it looks too flat (not ribbed enough), wide at the bottom/narrow at bottom.

    Could be wrong but comparing it to others something seem amiss - inc the style of the wire?

    But IMO, no offence to anybody.

    Bets matty

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    My little darling.

    my new Luftwaffensword

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    The shapeof the handle is for me typical WKC. SMF had mor symnetric handles, and the white on the lateather looks like cleaning or polishing remains, the silvering on the upper fitting is normal, check out witmanns website and look, 2 more sowrds with the same silvering. I think its a nice sword, and cleaned up, within the margings of cleaning. Maaty, yours loook like it just surfaces out of a basement after 80 years, i had about 35 LW swords in the past, and always liked the uncleaned ones, if the owner was'nt a smoker, you could almost smell the past! damn, these post make me considering getting back form German Ammo towards the swords.....Funny thing is, I left the LW sword scene about 10 years ago, but the price is almost the same, compared with other daggers, these swords are still underestimated.

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    Yes I should of meantioned mine was a weyersberg so grip shape may differ compared to WKC.

    Mine did spend allot of time somewhere, sadly I do not know where, maybe a loft or basement, it came from US so basement likely.

    I have always said they are the nicest sword of the 3rd reich. Definitely good value too, these seem to be priced around the mark of a first pattern Luftwaffe or there abouts anyway.

    best matty

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    This is an example of an exceptional sword by a little seen maker for this type! The "white" is untouched lacquer still in place and highly desirable!! WKC was known for using a comparatively thick lacquer coating like this.. A real pleasure to see! Congrats.. Kevin.

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    dear friends..

    many thanks for your positive feedbacks. i am a proud owner of a LW sword , the first one in my collection.

    Still there is a questions, after disassembling i found a "1" on the angle and the crossguard, pls tell me the reason for the marking

    regards tom
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture my new Luftwaffensword   my new Luftwaffensword  

    my new Luftwaffensword   my new Luftwaffensword  

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    Tom, I would say these are assembly marks to keep the hand fitted parts together.. may be a penciled (1) on the grip end? Best, Kevin.

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    Kevin you are right.....complete machting numbers

    thanks tom
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture my new Luftwaffensword   my new Luftwaffensword  

    my new Luftwaffensword  

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