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Opinions on this Luft Sword

Article about: Nice Original SMF with the tiny Stickbird ( acceptance stamp of The Luftwaffe) It misses the leather hanger that was attached to the scabbard rings, and 500 dollars is indeed a steal Here a

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    Default Opinions on this Luft Sword

    Hey everyone. Does this Luftwaffe sword look good? It sure does to me minus someone having previously polished the heck out of it. Thoughts?
    Opinions on this Luft SwordOpinions on this Luft SwordOpinions on this Luft SwordOpinions on this Luft Sword

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    Yes its fine - an early nickel variety. Only thing is its missing the leather crescent hanger but thats common anyway.

    For the price these sell for they really are fantastic. I just love the huge swaz on the pommel - just great.


    Ps. do you know the length of the blade? Any blades on Luftwaffe swords over 30" are that much more desirable.....lesser seen too as most Luftwaffe pilots were short asses.

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    I've always thought that this was the most attractive 3rd Reich sword...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Couldn't agree more Glenn! Ive always had a thing for these swords.

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    Like the diplomat's dagger, these 1st pattern Luft swords have always been in a class by themselves. They look slightly medieval and also suggest the futuristic art deco movement. Does anyone know if Goering had a hand in their design?

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    Goering himself designed both the 1st pattern dagger and the Luftwaffe sword.

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    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, this one got away from me because I was unable to place a bid before the auction closed. Sold for $500 US. What a steal! Hate that I missed it. I agree that these are the most attractive and intimidating of the TR edged weapons. I will have one someday....

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    Where was it being sold?

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Goering himself designed both the 1st pattern dagger and the Luftwaffe sword.
    Hi there any supporting evidence..of Goring designing both of these types? This would add greatly to the thread..and also add to what has not been answered not that I can see in any period references. Regards Larry
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    Hey larry, I thought I read (angolias sword book?) he designed the Luftwaffe sword and DLV (55cm to us collectors) so not the first pattern.
    The DLV was then redesigned shorter for practical reasons and then approved by him for wear. Then as precious materials got tighter somebody else had the idea to move onto aluminium!

    But originally goering sketched a powerful looking medieval sword and added the swaz's?

    best matty

    emailed big W, hoping to get a reply!
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