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Paul Weyersberg & Co Fallschirmjager Gravity Knife

Article about: Hello all, I have an opportunity to pick up this gravity knife. It looks ok to me but the very small proof mark on the spike end is TINY and is throwing me for a loop. Any ideas why this mar

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    Thanks Rossi! Hopefully it works out. I will contact the seller tomorrow and see what we can work out!

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    Piece looks like its a correct period one but the spring has what looks like multiple post war repairs done to it already? (some soldering and a screw added) just wanted you to be aware! Kevin.

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    Are you talking about the screw on the handle?

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    The spring mechanism in my opinion has been repaired so you'll need to take that into consideration if and when you negotiate a price.

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    Yes Dramos, the spring mechanism has been replaced/repaired. Kevin.

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    Quote by dramos View Post
    Guys, thank you for all your input. I have been wanting one of these but i always double check when I can, as I have made multiple mistakes based on impulse.
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    I didn't even see that! Good Eyes!

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    Kevin "Eagle eye" is spot on!
    you've made the right decision to post first, then buy well this is your reward
    Great reply's and help, Joe aint with us any more, but we all could use "A Little help from my friends"
    I would find another one, or ask for a pricedrop, 175 US$ for a repaired and sharpened one would be enough imo.


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    I ended up passing on the knife. Thank you all for the advice!

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    Good call bro! Better ones out there.

    Quote by dramos View Post
    I ended up passing on the knife. Thank you all for the advice!

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