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Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

Article about: Hello, I am new to this forum. I am looking to sell what I believe is a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger which has passed down to me through the family. I gather ebay will not allow it. I have fou

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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Quote by stuka f View Post
    The reality is that I am on ebay for over 10 years with more then 4000 transactions.
    I know what is going on, still wouldn't advice it!
    One of the risks is being expelled.
    And I've bought quite a few things on eBay, including things with a swastika. (reality)
    Next, I would not additionally argue with you, I do not have time.


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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    There are quite a few collectors on here that are from the UK who would probably take an interest in it if you listed it for sale (me included)

    Welcome to the forum,


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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Gents!!....Now that the ebay issue and opinions expressed has been addressed from both ends of the spectrum,, lets leave it at that. It would now be up to the seller as he has heard the pros and cons of ebay...but it would be advisable with less hassle to list here on our classified section. Regards larry
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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Funny thing here is that no one talks about the dagger, its quality, is it genuine?
    What kind of pricerange we are talking about.

    First of all ill put my head on the wooden block so its easy to chop :
    I do not like the blade at all, the makerlogo isnt centered, and the blade shows no crossgrain, realy looks brushed.
    Could be the grease that spoiled the blade, but Gents please take a closer look!!

    So Gents give your thoughts on this one before we let it pass and put it in the Classified section!

    Cheers Ger

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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Dagger is typical LW2 Horster.
    100% original, but not exactly the best condition.
    Horster logo on the blade is often poorly centered.


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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Looks a good original dagger to me. Just condition goes against it.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Selling a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

    Thx Gents for picking it up

    i'm not realy into the second model, in fact i find them rather ugly, sorry realy fancy the first pattern so glad you examined this one.....


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